Looking for new tricks

Hey everybody i’ve been yoyoing for awhile now but am having trouble learning new tricks. the easy tricks seem too easy but i can’t make my way into the more technical whips and harder tricks like ladder escape etc… Any advice for trying to get to the next level and find more tricks to learn?

Practice my friend. Rewatch tutorials for techniques that they may not present.

It took me 5 minutes to learn how to bind. Took a couple of hours to master split the atom. Been working on The Matrix for 5 days now and I’ve got it down most of the time, but it’s too slow to look cool when I do land it… I imagine it’d be another 2 or 3 weeks to master it.

The speed of learning tricks are based off the tricks themselves. Some tricks will take you several minutes to get it, some may take a month. Just keep your head up and don’t give up. DON’T GIVE UP!

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I find that having several tricks I’m working on at a given time helps a lot. I keep a list going on my phone of tricks I know and ones I’m learning so I can remember. I get bored pretty fast if I can’t nail a certain trick, so I just take the next one off the list and try that one for awhile. Keeps things fresh and fun instead of tedious and frustrating.

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It all comes with time really. I found that there are periods where I don’t progress further, because subconsciously my mind knows I need to build myself further in the fundamentals first. Technically advanced tricks require you first have the stepping stones prior, and periods of stagnation are just opportunities to greatly master what you have and have a greater understanding of it to move forward in the future.
Try also watching others yoyo videos and while you might not understand a whole trick, you may pick up little elements that over time you will understand more and more.

Best of luck!

Man, matrix brings back memories. XD Some people see to get tricks a whole lot easer than others. My friend can do wrist mounts and spirit bomb like he was born knowing it, but I can’t get it. Then I got the matrix and it took me helping him in person for him to get it.
Practice makes perfect. I know that sounds like preaching, but I can do a double or nothing easy, but triple gave me trouble for a while. Black hops took me almost a month straight of just that trick to get down smoothly.

Amen to that :smiley:

Cabin tutorials my friend. all good tricks and always inspire me too make new things