Am I making good progress?

I know there are alot of posts like this but I really want to know your guy’s opinions. I have been yoyoing for about 2 months now

Tricks I know:

The whole beginner section

The whole intermediate section

From Advanced Part 1:

The Matrix
Plastic Whip
McBride Roller Coaster
Buddha’s Revenge
Eli Hops

From Advanced Part 2:

Slack Trapeze
Snap Start
Wrist Whip
Cold Fusion
Dr. Strange
Magic Drop

From Expert Part 1:

Skin the Gerbil
Wrist Mount
Gyroscopic Flop
Bucket Hops

From Expert Part 2:
Hidemasa Hook

What do you think?

Heck yes! For two months, that’s like… to much lol. I was still on like matrix when I was at two months. I’m still slow at learning tricks lol.

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I don’t even think I could do Double or Nothing at 2 months, lol. I was working on Lindy Loops.

you can do a couple tricks i cant do and i have been yoyoing for 7 months, you also know a couple tricks that my friend(X52) doesnt know and he has been yoyoing for 8 months. but any ways you are really good for 2 months>:D

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Dude, you actually can’t do a lot of that, you’re doing really well man! I hope you learn more!!!


I just can’t do Magic Drop and Shockwave, lol.

make a yoyo vid >:D

True. I can do Hook now, and you said a couple.

Wow thanks you guys! That means alot to me!

Yeah, I’m fighting through an argument just for this thread, better thank me. LOL, it’s OK. :frowning:

i was on the matrix at like… 3 years… >.<

I’ve been throwing for 3 months and I only know a few more than that…

lol ;D.


Make a vid, man! :smiley:

Wow. You know a little more than me and I’ve been yoyoing for 8 months. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! But you can do Boing-e-Boing, I’m STILL trying to figure that one out :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! I’m still learning Slack Trapeze at 7 months.


But you are awesome.

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I figured out the trick to learning it, but it’s very hard to explain in test. I’m making a tutorial soon, so…:slight_smile: