3 months progress

I have been throwing for 3 months now. I’d like people to rate my progress. I know there’s been a lot of these but I’d really like to know :slight_smile:

Beginner- All
Intermediate- All
Advanced 1- All
Advanced 2- All
Expert 1-
Jade Whip
Wrist Mount
Spirit Bomb
Drop in Bucket via Jade Whip
Suicide 1.5
Expert 2-
Triangle Laceration
Double Suicide
Yuuki Slack
White Buddha

I can also do-
Brent Stole
Mach Whip
Buddha Suicide Rolls (My own, I’ll probably make a tut :slight_smile: )

Thanks ;D

Your doing pretty well, it took me like 4 months to learn all that.

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Thanks, means a lot

I have been playing for about 6~7 months and I can’t do Follows YET lol keep it up :smiley:

I’ve been throwing for 8 months and I can’t do any of the master tricks. :frowning:

Well?!?!?! Are you serious?! Well?!

He’s progressing like CRAZY! ;D

You are progressing like crazy man… D: Seriously… I throwed for nearly 8 months and I still can’t slack! I can do white buddha and hour glass though. : o

The next generation always seems to progress faster than the last.

Then ill go back to the future…

gj man

Thanks a ton guys! Haha ive got nothing better to do… I practice like 3 hours a day.

You are doing great. You are progressing faster than me. I have been yo-yoing for a little over a year now and the most advanced trick I can do would be Skin the Gerbil.

Worlds ahead of me 5 years, and I just learned mach whip

That’s really good for 3 months. I think that’s incredible, more than I could do around 3 months for sure.

yeah I was there too… just couldn’t do follow and still can’t… but probably just cause I’m not practicing.

Follow is probably my favourite trick- it’s alot easier if you pinch with just your thumb and have the string at a good tension, it makes the trick look a whole lot cooler and the slack easier to grab again.

you can do some tricks i cannot do and i have been yoyoing 7 months

how many of those tricks can you do every time though?

pretty much all of them, except suicides and kwijibo

When you do the tricks are they smooth and if not … who cares all that in three months wow!
Do you think you could make a vid?

I actually am making a routine for my mom work party, I’ll video tape it before hand :wink: