One month...

I’ve been throwing for 1 month and tell me if i made good progress. i kinda skipped around so yeah…

advanced 1
expert 1
Suicidesssss :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

We’ve made like the same exact progress, in about the same time. :3 plus and minus a few tricks I’m sure

Back to the point though. Any progress is good progress. Keep throwin’ :slight_smile:

yeah cool man. Can u do suicides too cuz i just watched andre’s tut annd got it in a couple of tries. i gess that was a trick that just came easy to me.

wow that is crazy. i have been yoing like 4 months and im in the epert part 1. do u yoyo during most of ur spare time?

i actually don’t yoyo as much as i should, but i do throw like an hour a day. i guess im just a fast learner. I can do lots of tricks just within the first 30 seconds on Andre’s tutorials. i can repliclicate his movements by him just showing me the trick

well keep it up because I want to see a video pretty soon!

i cannot do a trapeze suicide to save my life… i can do GT suicides and 1.5 mount Suicides… i just cannot seem to do trap suicides… so thats awesome that you can do those!! :slight_smile:

I might put a video up once i learn green triangles because i got a combo going on that. Well i’m in the process of filming i just have to put it in imovie. but i am not a good editor and it will take me a little while. But thank you for the suggestion

i’ve been going with a little yotech yostar for about a week and with only 10 seconds sleep, i can land (and nearly dismount) a double or nothing - is that good?

Honestly, I just finished ladder escape, and I have been yo-yoing for about two years.

But everything I do has been smoothed out completly. No jumpy/hesitant/sloppy tricks from me!

That’s good but make sure you have your tricks nice and smooth

ugh… kids these days… ive been yoyoing for 3 years and im only in the expert part 2…

anyway, thats amazing progress :o

yeah that is really good. bustin’ some tricks on a good ole yotech. i love looping with the yostar.

Zomah2: haha im only a kid and i just got onto expert part 2. Ive been yoing for 4 months