5 month throwers?

k who here has been throwin for around 5 months and what tricks so you know?? thanks ;D

I have been throwing for 7 months and I know all the tricks on this site (Except some tricks like eiffel tower and grinds), and have invented many of my own tricks.

i have been throwing for 3 months and i can do all tricks on this site except superman, hourglass, ladder escape, and yuuki slack

3 ‚ 5 ‚ 7? :wink:

I’m about the same as rsmod.

Throwing for 4 months and I know triple tower, hidemasa hook and reverse, Hourglass, And whut, and other tricks I made

Im a little slow with the trick learning but at the 6month mark Im at Expert part2… I got Skin the Gerbil down pretty well… I’ve been working on my own trick but its tough

wow you guys are fast learners. can you do all those tricks consistently or do you stumble through them? i’ve beeen at it for 5 months and am nowhere near learning all the tricks here.

I’ve been yoyoing for 5 months and I know all the tricks on this site except Superman and Black hops.


I can do them really smoothly, except for some boingy stuff. And black hops, I struggle through that.

ive been yoyoing for 6 months and i know every trick on the site except for some of the master lvl’s I stumble on stuff like iron whip and jade whip cause i dont like whips like that lol but im fine with wrist whip and hidemasa hook brent stole and all that stuff. Also make up my own tricks. If you want to see me then visit my youtube page www.youtube.com/hobbygod

I have been yoyoing for five months. But I have been slowed down by school work. I am at advanced 2 with a few invented tricks. All of them are smooth and solid.

i could do all the tricks on this sight at about 3 1/2 months and im making up tricks i was jw how i was doing compared to yall

Just checked the time I got my legacy and it says I got it on april 4th so I have been yoyoing for 3 and a half months :D.

Throwing for about one year, and I know too many to list.

I have been yoyoing for 1 and 3/4 months and I just learned Matrix. I’m kind of a slow learner. I can do everything up to Plastic Whip except for Drop in the Bucket. I’m not good with whips. :-\


7 or so months.

I have been yo-yoing for around 6 months, and I’m on Advanced 1 on this site, I know everything up to Buddha’s Revenge, and am learning Kwibijo.

i have been yoyoing for 4 mounths and here are some of the tricks i know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN2aR8nocL4

wow. some of you guys must do nothing but practice. i wish i had that kinda time. of course i get stuck on tricks in the way that i dont like to move on until ive mastered the one im working on. maybe i should bounce around more.

Same for me. I’ve just got a few more tricks i know, not well though, McBride Rollercoaster still needs work on the last part. Working on slacks as well, have A LOT of trouble with slacks. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m curious, how often do you guys practice? (thats a general question btw, anyone can answer :))