How long did it take you to complete all the tricks on this website?


I’m curious as to how long it takes most people.


Some people a Month. Others a year.

I took a loooong time because I don’t like to learn. So I still haven’t done all the tricks, but I can do others from other places…


I still haven’t and I’ve been yoyoing for over two years, haha. I kinda stopped trying to learn tricks once I got to around expert and started doing a lot of my own stuff.


8 months to learn all the YYE tricks
5 months to learn all tricks in the check list
3 months to learn expert(1and 2) to master


I’m confused.

Are the YYE tricks not the tricks in the check list? Does this mean it took you 8 + 5 months for that? Learning expert to master doesn’t count as part of all the YYE tricks or the tricks in the checklist?

My brain hurts. :smiley:


I still haven’t learned all the tricks in this website. A few I skipped because they don’t work with the way I throw. I did learn most of them, though.


I don’t think I’ll ever finish them. :wink: Typically I just learn what I want.


How do you throw?


Anybody finished 1a-5a and mobius? I bet josh and andre have, anyone else?


I haven’t even finished it all and I’ve been yoyoing for almost 3 years. I found tutorials boring and I just started coming up with my own tricks, but even that I fail hard.
I’ll get back to it eventually though.



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YYE tricks are for everyone but time, frustration, yoyo breakage, string use, bearing burn out, may vary. Individuals suffering from string burn, hyper extended elbow, and/or wrist pain may want to take a break on occassion, or use the other hand. ;D

Don’t worry you have a lifetime to get it all figured out. :wink:

It’s all good!


2 years, still haven’t completed it. I’m somewhere in the Advanced 2 area, mostly, but some Advanced 1 tricks I still can’t do yet.


I have been yo-yoing for about 6 months now and know most of the 1A tricks on this site. I still have yet to learn a few of the Expert 2 & Master Level tricks though. However I think that its pretty safe to say that everyone learns at their own pace. It depends on a lot of different things such as: how long do u spend in practice per day, knowing other yo-yoers, hand-eye coordination, what type of yo-yo setup you use, how much you enjoy yoyoing, ect. I agree with the person who’s post read something like; “Once I got to the expert level I started making up my own stuff/style…” There is no set time limit; just have fun!


Never did. Just kind of ran away with my own tricks after probably Expert Part 1. I personally think that’s a better route anyway. :wink:


I still have not completed some of them because I do not like front style:P

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Same here. But i yo on and off due to school. But now I’m back and I’m trying to finish off the ones i couldn’t figure out before.