How long have you been yo-yoing?

How long have you been yo-yoing ?

6 months and currently on the expert section. ;D

Around three years

7 months and currently in Master.

1 Year Finished all of the tricks, working on my own.

3 and a half now i think^____^

and am the end of expert part 2 and some what of master^___^

and mainly trying to combo everything i know and also try to do my own stuff^___^

11 years.
I feel old.
: \

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6 months advanced two… i move slow

8 months now, wow wee thats gone fast im currently working my way through the master section plus mixing it all up making my own stuff up.

6 months, and i am almost done with the master section :slight_smile:

Since March 1st 2009. Just to note, it really doesn’t matter how long you have been yoyoing and how far you are in it. (Well sort of but everyone has their own pace.) I personally skipped the master section and just went into tricks that I liked and made some new stuff up. :stuck_out_tongue: Now, i’m going back to finishing master because well, you might as well learn everything you can. :slight_smile:

ive been yoyoing for about 3 years…but it was on and of for me so in total it was probably 1 year and a half or so :stuck_out_tongue:

2 and a half months and in expert, with white Buddha under my belt.

24 years, and i feel i’m just a beginner. thank god.

I’ve been REAL yoyoing for the past 6 months and I am finishing advanced 1, starting advanced 2.
Im slow, But I don’t care. Yoyoing is a hobby, after all.

4 months, and i just learn tricks no matter what skill level they are. My three best tricks are, kwijibo, suicide, and almost white Buddha.

2years and 1 month
time is flying past so fast

one year on the 31 of march, done with all the yoyo expert ticks, now learning on my own

2 Months, I’m Working On Advanced When I Get The Chance.

6 Months roughly…

Total I think 7-8 months, but I stopped for like two months in november and december so I would have to say near 6 months.