How long were you yoyoing before you made it through the expert section?

Kinda self explanitory.

About 3 weeks.

never got through all the tricks never got anything from master, i just started making my own stuff up

Some might say Im a slow trick learner but I just taking it slow and enjoying the ride. I’ll be at a year next month, and I dont know all the master/Expert tricks, I haven’t even made up a full trick… Plenty of combos though…


thats kinda hard to believe. but if its true thats good for you

and for me i took about 3 months

About a Month and a half.

Ok good I dont feel so bad now lol I am not even there but i am always hard on myself. I apparntly think
I need to progress like crazy fast were as I should just enjoy myself really. I have made up a trick or two. The one I want to post just gotta figure out how.

Well, I have been on and off but adding up the hours would probably be about one weeks worth of practice. I’m still stuck on some simply because of time contraints but other than that, yeah… Don’t feel bad. We all go at different paces.

I wish I could go back in time and record all this stuff on a chart. I have no Idea, but as far as I remember, I think 1.5 months or so.

I’ve been yoyoing for about a month and I’m only in Advanced 1. Dont worry. Everyone goes at their own pace

I have no idea. Who takes time on this stuff?