Question about typical learning speed/progression

So I was wanting to know from the more advance throwers out there how long it to you to get really proficient/fluid at your tricks?

For me, I just started December 6th(ish) so It has been a little over a month for me. I can perform front and trapeze basic binds well, I have all of the intermediate tricks on the learn section of this site down, I am working on boingy boing, wrist mounts, kamakazi mounts, green triangle.

However, I am still not fluid/consistent enough to link multiple tricks into combos, etc. But I am sure that will come with time.

I am just wondering how I compare to those that have already been down this road. I see freestyle videos at think I will never get there, but then again, I do not know how many years it took for most of them to get that good.

Anyway, I hope my question makes sense.

A few things on this. First off, that is actually quite good for a month, I am quite surprised where you are in just a months work. However, how well are you actually doing them? Can you do them consistently and smoothly, or just kind of whatever? Also, when people say how many months/years they have been yoyoing, they don’t really ever say how long each day, or how many days of the week. How many hours a day are you practicing? I bet close to anyone in this world (with exceptions of course) can yoyo as good as pros if they REALLY wanted to. Do you want to yoyo that good? If so, it’ll happen eventually, I can promise that. :wink:

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Oh good points!

I can do most of the Intermediate tricks consistently, with the exception of a dodgy Ripcord (despite my name lol) and Drop in the bucket/wrist mount. I also have the plastic whip down consistently which is in the advanced section.

On average I practice about 2 hours a night. Some nights its 4+ hours and others I might not practice at all, and I would say I practice at least 4 nights a weeks. (at this moment, this is my new addiction so every bit of free time I get I try and practice)

I am also getting fairly consistent at the basic Laceration and cross-arm trapeze. This is one of the few trick combos I can actually do with some degree of consistency/accuracy.

You seem to be going at about the same pace as I was when I started out. In my case I could do all of the tricks up to expert on the list, with a few expert and master tricks as well as some basic combos I made up myself in 6 months. By 8 months I developed fluidity and flow and started making up my own tricks and combos and stopped looking at tutorials for the most part

Ah that makes me feel better lol.

It is so easy to get discouraged when looking at videos and the like…but I just have to keep telling myself that those people were once where I was too.

Thanks all!

here’s a vid of me at 1 year by the way, most of the tricks in the vid are my own

I’m at 2 years now so I’m a bit better, but this should give you an idea of where you’ll be in a year if you keep it up  :slight_smile:


Excessively comparing yourself to other yoyoers is a good way to get discouraged. Just focus on your own progression and trust the process; if you do something regularly, you WILL improve at it.

And be forewarned that you’ll likely feel like you’ve “plateaued” or “hit a wall” at a certain point. The learning curve for yoyoing starts out really steep, and once you’ve gotten to a certain point, progress is much more gradual.

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Thank you all for the encouragement!