How long did it take for you to learn the advanced tricks?

Just wondering how long it took you all to learn the advanced tricks on here. Also, how often did you practice? My goal has been at least 10 minutes every day.

Here is where I was at about 6 months into my yoyoing. But i put alot more time each day than 10 mins. :slight_smile: Im lucky as I can yoyo at work (hobby shop/ toy store) to demo them people and to decompress since i dont smoke cigs and dont take smoke breaks.

That feels extremely advanced for 6 months! Wow

Took me about a day a trick on responsive old yoyos.

Thanks! but Ill give you some background that may help explain.

Ive been a juggler and object manipulator for over 16 years. Ranging the gantlet from toss juggling, contact juggling, buugeng, staff, poi (professionally for several years, but now “retired” from that life), I used to compete in freestyle footbag in the early 2000’s. I will obsess with one, get good, and move on to some other flow art. I found though, that as I got older, I had to find less and less impact activities to pursue. Quite simply, my body broke down easier and took longer to heal.

Anyway, ive been schooled and disciplined in practice and theory behind alot of the flow arts, and taught many other people some of these skills in workshops and classes in festivals and gatherings all over the USA. So my approach is coming from a different way than most. Yoyo just really clicked with me, and has ever since that first throw of a metal unresponsive (shutter) and felt the power of a good bind. Alot of things ive learned with other flow arts naturally fell into place with yoyo. Its medatitive, mind expanding, and quite enjoyable so its easy to spend more time with it.

Also my work allows me to yoyo for people to demo them and also during breaks. So its really easy for me to find time to throw. 30 mins to a few hours of play time is very possible, if I feel so compelled. . :slight_smile:

Yeah, your background sure explains things! Don’t get me wrong. I think your average, halfway coordinated adult could learn responsive tricks and move heavily into advanced in 6 months. And maybe a few expert elements. But that’s a lot of background in coordinated, fine motor skill activities.

That was me at 6 months. Can’t see the string too well but it’s something :smiley:

I covered the YYE advanced tricks in 2 months I think. But I also yoyo’d a lot more than 10 min a day.

…but I’ve also seen 2 or 3 other 6 month vids that had my 2 year point beat ::slight_smile:

There’s a pretty wide range, don’t worry too much about how quickly you’re learning

Excellent point, do your best not to compare yourself to any one else. Life is alot better that way. :slight_smile:

If it makes anyone feel better, I probably still haven’t learned all of the advanced tricks and I’ve been yoyoing for 5 years or so. Do I care? No, I’m having tons of fun just messing around with a hobby I love!

It took me 2 days to learn all the tricks from advanced pt 1- master. I was 15 so I had a lot of free time.