How long did it take you to become good at yoyoing?

I was just wondering. For me, I started 3 weeks ago and I finished the intermediate tricks and now going to the advanced tricks. The ones I can do so far are the Matrix and Buddhas Revenge. I can do Buddhas Revenge pretty good but the 1/2 Mount is killing me right now.
I still can’t do a combo though. This hobby gets frustrating but i keep on trying.

I’ve been throwing for a week today. I can do 6 of the intermediate tricks, I’m currently learning split the atom. I tend to alternate between two tricks when I’m learning so if I get frustrated learning the one I practice the other.

My Friend,

Take Serious in yoyoing but don’t rush to learn a trick, what i mean
that i want to learn this & that etc. because you will get frustrated.

like me before, i want to learn that trick (i forgot the name :))
(im in serious mode that time) so when i perform a trick, and i
get mess-up on it, i feel discouragement, or angry because
why i can’t do that, but the next day (play yo-yo happy mode :))
i dont take it seriously i just have fun!, but then i learn the trick
smooth & perfect!

So, The Keyword is HAVE FUN!. (in my opinion, because i yoyo for fun, and yoyo is cool, a unique thingy to show-off :))


Just PM me for any questions! :slight_smile:

I started in the begining of feb. and im on master tricks and other tricks not on this site. But I have had a lot of practice. I pretty much never leave my room unless my yoyo is strapped to my side.

well to become kinda good it takes a few months…but the main thing is enjoy and practice hard.i started on december 26 2008 and right now im in the master section

Honestly, I never thought I got “good” I still don’t think I am good. I play for enjoyment - And whether or not my skill-level is something to be proud of, I don’t really take too much thought too it.

Then again, how would you really define good? Advanced on this website? Intermediate? I think several different factors come into play, such as smoothness. If someone knew all the tricks to Advanced Part Two, but was extremely choppy and un-smooth, would you say they were better then someone who knew up to Advanced Part One and was extremely smooth?

More reasons, along with these prove to me, that I haven’t become good yet. Have I won any freestyles? No. Have I done shows? No. Do I get paid or win prizes for what I do? No

Going back to my first point, this is for fun. While I’m probably never going to be “Good”, I’m still having one heck of a good time with it.

well it depends what you mean by ‘good’.I am on master tricks and it took me 3 months

i agree

good is all a matter of perspective. To the world you are already good at throwing the yoyo. to the community you are decent enough. and to the competitive portion of the community you can only be good if you are winning competitions. So from what perspective to you choose to look through. Personally I look through the perspective that it does not really matter, like others have said have fun.

Ive been yoying since late january and i just do it to have fun!! i think im really good at having fun :wink: ive been skipping around on the site, i can do most advanced 2 and some expert tricks but i mainly just do it to have fun, its one of the greatest hobbys around!

If you’re having fun, you’re already good.

When I threw a sleeper.

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i dont know if im good i make up my own tricks

it took me 4 months

I started yoyoing in March 12, 2008, My first yoyo is FAST 201 yoyo and I got that yoyo in 2006. 2 years later in 2008, I was thinking in my mind that I remembered the Chico contest comercial in cartoon network TV show (I don’t watch it anymore), so I found my FAST 201 and throw it, it was awesome. I went to YouTube to search “yoyo tricks” and They are amazing in BAC contest, so I ask my dad to buy me a yoyo and I got a speedbeetle yoyo from Toys-R-us. I learned how to loop from Andre Boulay’s tutorial video in YouTube. Later on, I saw a vlog of MagL33To and I saw his collection, when I saw his yoyo case, I saw a sticker that says “”, and I was like “hmm, I think that’s a yoyo website, I’ll search it.” I searched and I saw awesome yoyos there, so I’m feeling interesting with it. Thats how I started to become a yoyoer.

I hope you like my story, Wink

Happy Throwing! =]

Just thinking about this:

What do you consider “Good”?

I don’t think of myself as really good but that is for me, to other newer people I am AMAZING, but compared to Samad or Jayyo I might not be as good.

So you are never really “Good” IMO, because everyone thinks differently.

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The second I was born.

Really, I don’t know, I want to hear your opinions. ;D

This post should be called: How long did it take before you becam nerd because of yoyoing.

Addment: 1 week.

i’v been doin yoyoing for about 3 months no and i’m in advanced now

I’m still working on it