How long have been throwing and what level are you?


Ill start: I’ve been throwing for about 3 and a half months and at expert 2.


Been throwing 3 3/4 years. I’ve basically completed the 1A trick list here, with the exception of one, maybe two I didn’t feel that I needed to do. Maybe I’ll get around to those when I’m not so lazy.

In addition, I’ve done all the Moebius tricks, and some of the 5A and 4A stuff. Nowadays I like using Jake from G Squared’s tutorials, and making up my own stuff.


Been throwing for 7 months and I’m at the expert section of this site… But I’ve started learning tricks from other sites and mainly just making combos and “attempting” to create my own tricks…


Been throwing 8 months and a bit. I don’t like to rate myself too much, but I finished with tutorials for the most part about 4 months ago and have been making original tricks since then.


That’s pretty sick, have you ever competed?


Well… he’s been throwing for nearly 4 years…

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I’ve been throwing for a little more than 4 years or so. I stopped learning the tricks on this site about 2 years in and started doing my own stuff. Now I throw just to have fun, I don’t learn a whole lot of tricks these days but I still throw quite a bit and collect yoyos I want and offer people my advice.


Actually, I never have. I’m not the most confident person, and while I will gladly do some tricks for those who ask, competing isn’t for me. I love watching them though!

Even though I’ve spent nearly four years throwing, I don’t think I’m at the level I should be. I’ve spent too much time collecting yoyos and going on YYE than actually throwing. Sure, I’m good, maybe just not 4 years of throwing good. Recenlty, I’ve just been trying to come up with the craziest Green Triangles I can find, and attempting to get to the level I think I should be at.


I’ve been throwing for 6 months. All I can say is the cabin tutorials are a challenge, but I just learned Classic Yuuki Concepts.


Started taking it ‘seriously’ this past December, so- about 7 mo or so. I am into the advanced sections with a handful of the expert tricks. I should be a little further along, but I’m not all that coordinated so it takes me a bit of practice to develop consistency. Having a blast trying though!


Been throwing for real for about 7 months, but I’ve only learned one advanced trick and several beginner ones. I like making my own stuff.


About a year im like a intermediate-advanced player i pick up tricks fast but am not too fast


I started throwing about 15 years ago and I have never even looked at the tricks or videos on the site.

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5 years. Trick list completed in around 2-3 months?


Well I have been throwing maybe 3 years.


Well then you shouldve won worlds last year but ya didnt :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been throwing since April I finished the list here and I’m making my own tricks up now


I’ve been going about 2 weeks, and am 1 trick away from finishing intermediate. I probably only have about 7 hours throwing time total.


less than four months. im technically in advanced part 1. But I haven’t learned much new tricks, im making combos. I know a handful of tricks on advanced part 2, know 2, 3 or 4 in expert. And know like 2, mobius (or whatever its called XD)and im extremely happy I decided to pick upa metal drifter from toys r us that day :smiley: