what should i learn next?

i can do all the beginer tricks and like all but two of the intermidiat tricks but all the advanced tricks are too hard except for some of the grindes. what should i learn next?

Which yoyo are you using?

Just click around the learn page. Maybe around the intermediate section. Spend a little while on that trick, hopefully you get it, then you can practice it and any other tricks to your heart’s content. :smiley:

The easiest Advanced tricks are the grinds, Boomerang, Matrix, and Eli Hops, in my opinion. Start with those.

Definatly learn all of the intermidiat.
I did what u did, skipped a couple and came back to them, but
untill then u should definatly learn the matrix its a very easy and impresive trick give it like 3 days of practice and youll amaze people with the flips and stuff.
And the boing-E-boing is not that hard but takes lot of practice but with every yoyo trick its always worth it

MACH5 :wink: 8) :wink:

wow guys matrix is easy i woke up at 8:45 and i could do it by 9.

Yup, Doctor Popular made a brilliant trick there. It looks awesome, but it’s just basics.