i feel like im not progressing very quickly

I find myself doing the same tricks over and over again. anything you guys do to get out of that slump of monotony?

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Learn a trick harder than your skill level, practice all the way, then once you get that down, you can learn more tricks of that skill level. I’m at the intermediate skill level and I’m working at the boing e boing. Or another option is, start making new tricks based off of what you know.

thats what ive been trying to do. ive already learned every trick of this site and rethinkyoyo.com, and others, i just feel like im doing the same thing over and over. ive exhausted all my made up mounts and everything

Hmmm. Well take a break, not a really long one(because you might just not come back to it) put down your yoyo, get some fresh air.

Now pick up your yoyo and try again do some basics, the some master tricks, and just mix it up

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I don’t know how long you’ve been throwing, but if your join date on this site is any indication I don’t know how you could feel like you’re not progressing. 3 months and you’ve already done every trick in the 1a tutorials here? That’s like a new trick every few days, and some pretty tough ones. I wish I could learn even 1/4 that fast.

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Been throwing 10, almost 11 months now. Just got through the Zipper but I have skipped a few tricks. Boingy-Boing and Boomerang are just going to have to wait. Today, I finally got through McBride’s Roller Coaster, but I still have problems on he 1.5 getting INTO and then the sloppy exit, which leads to the getting out of the triple or nothing at the end fail most of the time. We’re talking LOTS and LOTS of time spent on stuff. Rewind, can’t do yet, but I have all the elements, just can’t pull it all together yet.

Some of us are better than others. Zipper took a week to get through. McBride’s Roller Coaster, not so long since I had been doing stuff that went from the 1.5 to a double or nothing. I am planning to star wormhole in a day or so and possible onto Buddha’s Revenge. I know Eli Hops will be a pain, but I have to try before I skip, but the guy I throw with has these down so he’s not gonna let me skip over that without giving me a hard time!(see, it’s good to have meets and practice with others!).

I’d say take some time to smooth out what you know and try to do it twice or three times on one throw. Find ways to challenge yourself.

I know exactly how you feel. I started throwing in the beginning of december and had finished the list of tricks on here by the end of january i think. For the past 2 months ive kind of been at a stand still with not much to do because i felt like i hadnt really learned enough to start making up tricks. I have a yoyo club i go to every week and make the most of my time by learning any tricks people are willing to teach me.

I also just found yoyo rewind so im gonna start learning stuff from there, and im also gonna go through the tricks on here again cuz i cant seem to remember half of them since i went through them so fast. I guess ur best bet would to try and find a yoyo club, if you dont already go to one, and try and learn other peoples tricks.

Thank you all for the advice, you guys are all awesome!!

that’s probably why i feel like that though, because i was learning tricks almost everyday, and now im not so much

I stopped caring whether I progress fast enough or not. I just do my stuff because I like doing those tricks. However, I haven’t really watched much tutorials in about 6 months and most of my tricks [though very simple] are stuff that I accidentally came up with. They’re technically not my tricks because someone else already did it but I somehow get trick elements and just put them in together.

Works for me.


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Do some horizontal and behind the back stuff

When this happens to me I found getting a new yoyo sometimes helps :slight_smile:

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@ the OP- you seem to be progressing just fine.

Being the case that Andre’s videos are in my “first place” category… this is my “second”. Great skill and great entertainment for those who haven’t seen. (Studio… I think with your music background you are gonna love this site)


RIpped that site in November of last year. Good stuff.

I forget the music. I was more interested in the visual content.

Maybe I SHOULD listen to them!

And don’t just use this site for tricks. Look at other ones too. Don’t worry about skill level either. There are a lot of “easy” tricks out there.

i think i actually stopped progressing … i just like doing the tricks i already know … i think i went as far as … and whut … and after that i really couldn’t keep up … but i got and whut down…

i skipped a lot and like studio said … its good to have someone push u cus i could not do eli hops to save my life … and Salzorin pushed me to learn it and now i can proudly say i can do eli hops lol

but don’t stress about what you can do and how others are better … you should focus on having fun with the things you already know…

one thing i like to do is … i call it my version of freestyle – where i try to combo into every trick i know or keep trying stuff until i get into a knot … and sometimes i do things and i am like … .what did i do to end up there… and probably will never do it again … but that is just one way i have fun …

just THROW!!! ;D

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I’m right there with ya. I don’t learn tricks that often. In fact, the only time I really learn tricks is whenever I go to the yoyo meet here in my town. I do have fun with what I do (until I get a knot :P). Besides, I like going to meets. I got all these yoyos, and nobody to share them with ;D

you need to come to va to share those yo-yos lol … hopefully it doesn’t take as long to fly here cus shipping to/from alaska takes longer apparently hahahahha

Fun Fact: A guy I work with is the inventor of Buddha’s Revenge. He originally practiced the trick on a wooden yoyo which used to come back and hit him in the hand. Also it starts with a buddha mount. Hence the name: Buddha’s Revenge.

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It’s funny that you mentioned GrawrD’s website because I found out that he lives in the same town as him and by coincidence I saw him at his work. So that makes us two people who yoyo in this town in the middle of nowhere. Entertaining tutorials that are informative :]

I feel very similarly. It takes me a long time to learn new tricks, and I’m slowly going through the advanced tricks. 1.5 mount is not working well for me, but I have a lot of practice to do. I can get through Buddha’s revenge though, but it’s not easy due to mistakes.

I learn a lot at the meets I organize. Lots of nice yoyos, not enough people to share them with. Going to try to go to a big meet this weekend too. Doubt I’ll learn much but I hope to meet a lot of people and have a good time, and for me that’s enough.