After yoyoexpert?

I’ve been yoyoing for four months now, and I’ve learned about everything I can here. I just wonder where to go from here? has a lot of pretty advanced tricks

Ninja’d ::slight_smile:

haha I knew someone would say that ;D


Highspeedyoyo also has some nice tricks.

Their are also some good videos on yoyoexpert tutorials YouTube channel

I think that you should pick up a responsive yoyo and go through the tricks again.

Apetrunk hit.

You could also start making some tricks of your own.

And just search through Youtube and There’s some great tutorials around there.

Alright. Thanks guys

You could learn this, to…lol…

One great thing to do after you have learned the basics is to make up tricks. Start by combining two or more tricks in new ways. Ex. Insted of dropping a double or nothing and going into a wrist mount, make a new way to do it.
Innovation is the best way to make tricks because its your own style made into a trick.

Just kinda ramblin here…

Yeah I see what you mean I do stuff like that all the time :slight_smile: