I need new tricks!!!!!!!!!!!

I really need some new tricks to learn because I find myself doing the same tricks over and over again. Any suggestions?

Well I suggest taking a week and learning a challenging trick. Then learn something easier later in so it’ll seem easier…

As suggested above, look for tricks that will be really challenging and just go all out and learn one or two. Or, look through rethinkyoyo.com or alexis JV’s tutorials on youtube, they have some really awesome unique tricks to learn. Or the third option you could make up your own tricks, that is by far the hardest of the three options. Most importantly, have fun! Try new things (new styles perhaps? :slight_smile: ) and just be creative that’s what yoyoing is all about!

Make up your own! They fit the challenge you need an. You can impress judges with something they something they don’t know


Check out some of my stuff if you want ideas.

Try my trick “delicious delicious nutella” :smiley:
And make up your own! And try horizontal or a new style like 5a


Go to YouTube and look up Zamstrom. His stuff is really fun to learn and do, especially Möbius

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Zammy does have AWESOME tricks, and is a super cool dude. Even in this trick section, he just posted a tutorial for an original trick called “Desert Rose”. Try that one, it looks fun and challenging

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I have an idea!

Why don’t you go into the learn section on this amazing website and learn some tricks from there!

it seems like there are many Emotions in those few sentences


Why yes, yes there are.