looking for tricks


im an intermediate/advanced yoyoer looking for some simple, easyish to learn, impressive tricks. like mcbride roller coaster, theres not too much too it, its pretty easy to learn, and people think im a pro yoyoer when i do it :wink: i fail at whip and slack tricks FYI. thanks! (not sure if this should be posted here or help/recommendation) also please say tricks not on yoyoexpert learn unless you HAVE to… i know a lot of those. like unknown tricks. (i know im requesting lot here…)


Learned this one today, since I know the trick chopsticks it took me two seconds to learn this. Check it on YouTube, it’s called “Chopsticks and Noodles”




Well… if you like, I could post a tutorial for a trick I that I made up that actually looks pretty cool. I probably can’t though… So basically just make up your own tricks!!!


I actually made a tutorial for a trick that I call Jacob’s Roller Coaster. It’s a little bit harder then McBride’s Roller Coaster. I’m no pro. I’m not even that good, but it was a fun little trick I made up.

Here’s the video:


I’ve posted it too much  :stuck_out_tongue:





bumpy wumpy


wumpy bumpy


Check out Rethinkyoyo.com - he’s got some pretty good tutorials

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Here is my latest one, poke around my website and see if there are any other tutorials you like.



heres a tip make up your own it would impress judges alot sine they dont know it


Hey!! I’m putting together a trick tutorial for you!! It might not be the best so I hope you can actually learn something from it!!! I will post it once I’m done!!!


Go to rethinkyoyo on youtube and look up “eclipse” and “centrum” there a little hard but simple and impressive.


Cold Fusion and Budahs Revenge are fun.


i know both already :wink: thanks though


Awesome man thats perfect!


Here is a tutorial that I made!! I’m sorry if you don’t actually learn it, but please try to!! Let me know if it was okay or not!!! Thanks!!


AWeSum! ill work on it! thanks!

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This one was posted by Dyladon a long time ago on a different forum.


Check out my trick “delicious, delicious nutella”