I've done the yoyo expert learn page (skipped some) what can I do now?

Hello happy Tuesday

I’ve been throwing 2 months about now and I’ve got really comfortable with 1a I’ve used the learn page and learned some tricks some I skipped though . Haven’t tried master yet but what should I do? Where do I go I looked at clyw tutorials but I lold and said nope. What did I do at this time ? I stopped progressing it feels now I just do random tricks and land in some kind of Mount and keep going until I mess up I tried creating fast easy tricks based off of other tricks I need advice I feel stuck

keep exploring any mounts you use and find new transitions. you’ll start creating your own combos and eventually create a style of your own. good luck! :slight_smile:

Rethinkyyoyo.com isn’t a bad place to start. try difficulty level 3

Sky that’s perfect thanks !!!

yea that happens to all of us :). Dont worry it passes! Now that youve learned from other people its time to start thinking for yourself. You should just watch some freestyles and try to replicate what they are doing, even if it ends up looking terrible its a place to start. Then you can take whatever youve gotten from that freestyle and make up anything from that. Be creative land on strings you didnt ever see before. Soon youll be out of that rut and be making your own tricks. Then youll start to notice that getting good kinda happens in cycles but the cycle always starts over. Hope this is inspiring or helpful or something :slight_smile:

tbh you dont have to create your own tricks, just visit youtube keep watching freestyles videos +  tutorials from http://www.grawrd.com/ mryoyothrower

http://www.youtube.com/user/toshiyotokyo he has some good elements here to learn

http://www.youtube.com/user/mrmatio he has some good chpsticks and few asian styled tricks

Try yoyotricks.com