Freestyle help

i’ve started yo-yoing for about a month now and i was wondering if i could get some tips to start freestyling? i’m throwing a DM, still breaking it in. and i’m up to mach 5 about to go into advanced tricks. any tips?

By freestyling, do you mean at competitions, or just making up your own tricks?

just making up my own tricks for now. i’m not good enough for comps yet. just stuff to help me get better?

Well, I would really suggest that you keep working at the trick list on this website. It’s got a ton of great tricks that can really help out your yoyoing.

If you want to try to make stuff up, however, feel beyond free to do so. There really aren’t any tips to making up tricks. Just doing things that you haven’t done before. Good luck!

alright, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Think of the tricks on this site as a toolbox. The skills you learn doing the tricks will help teach you the control you’ll need to get to the point where you can do whatever tricks you want.

As for the tricks themselves, I’d start by playing back other people’s freestyles in slow motion and stealing parts of their tricks. Once you get the hang of it, you can start building your own.

I would suggest you keep on learning tricks from this and other sites.
Then, when you get good at some tricks, just combine them - moving from one trick right on to the next one - and think of the 2 tricks as 1 long trick.
I think this is a good way to experiment with tricks, and practice your flow. Slowly you will realise how you can combine tricks in a different way.
And when you have a lot of different tricks, and know how to combine them - then I think you will be able to make up your own good tricks.
I’ve been yoyoing for a while - and I still haven’t really made my own tricks. I’m just trying to learn other peoples tricks, and combine them with things I allready know.