pointers on freestyle

Hey yo-people,

I am about halfway into the advanced section and I am thirsting for some stuff of my own! I have been playing with a lot of stuff and I was wondering if any of you had any advice? I have just been finding what feels good and adding or changing stuff in existing tricks.

Thanks! ;D

Free-Styles is just you having fun. Play around with your tricks. Combine them in different ways. There’s no limits just…GO CRAZY

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here is one i made up around that point in my journey through the yoyo world:

go into a braintwister mount. then swing forwards (opposite of braintwister) once and let go. then catch back into braintwister and repeat.

i made up a trick, your do the first pop in kwijibo and rotate and uncross your arms, so ur in a 1.5 mount, then do 1 or 2 buddahs revenges then dissmount the 1.5 mount and bkeep going in to a trapezes bro, like in mcbrides rollercoast, then go into double or nothing the, dissmount into a trapeze and do the rest of vskin the gerbil. (kust go from, when you double up on the other side of the string)

its really long so you need a long spinning yoyo. and i am in advanced part 2. (shockwave and boing e boing) the trick is called jojo

First of all, I see it more as a combo, not a trick.
Second, Dave was looking for pointers on freestyles. Not for new tricks. If he was looking for tricks, the title of the topic would be “Looking for new tricks” or something like that.

Thank you. You got it exactly. I have been playing with linking tricks together but I’m still having trouble coming up with something purely original.

I suppose my skill set needs to grow.

Thanks again.

Here are a few pointers that helps me when I do a freestyle (I don’t have that much experience cuz I’ve only been yoyoing for 2 years and only participated in the swiss national yoyo contest once) :

  1. Use music that you like, but not only you use a music that you think everybody will like
  2. Mix tricks that look cool together, for example do a double or nothing, let go of the string on your throwhand finger and then do a part of skin the gerbil, and try to make it look smooth
  3. Do tricks that go along with the music, for example use tricks that are slowly executed in slow parts of the song, do fast executed tricks (like Mickey :P) in faster parts of the song etc.
  4. Most importantly HAVE FUN !!! ;D

Hope this helps