How in the HECK do...


I am kind of new to yoyoing, and this question popped into my mind. HOW in the HECK do people freestyle? It looks absolutely impossible! Obviously it isn’t but what the heck!? Also, is that basically what all pro yoyoers do is freestyle once they know all of the yoyo tricks? Like how when I saw the YouTube video of the guy using the proto star, is that all just basically freestyling? Is that all it is in (at least) 1A tournaments and stuff with just a few real yoyo moves every now and then? I am quite confused.


After a certain time learning the generic tricks it gets easy enough for you to make your own movements and combos…

I’ve been yoyoing for 3 years and its just easy for me to improv and make my own stuff … VERY rarely will I use an old trick in a freestyle


Most people move and create their own tricks. Or so ive read.


It just seems SO difficult to just do stuff as you go… And to help clear up confusion for me, is that just about what every yoyoer does BASICALLY? Like everybody competing at a 1a tournament and the guy performing that operation dark magic video for the DM2?


after a while it becomes 2nd nature to guys who compete a lot. It’s like riding a bike.


You realize freestyling as they call it at contests isnt doing tricks that you come up with in your head at that very moment as you go for 2-3 minutes right? They make a routine and practice it.


They are not made up on the spot. Try are Pre-choreographed.

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“That guy” is Andre Boulay. And once you get good enough, you just come up with your own stuff. Second nature. Any other questions we can consolidate to this thread? :slight_smile:


Also there is no such thing as ‘real yoyo moves’ yoyoing is all about creativity and most players make up there own tricks.


I will most likely never understand freestyling with a yoyo. And I font think Andre boulay is the one in the dark magic VIDEO. I know he uses it and teaches the tutorials on this site but I don’t think he’s in that particular video
But yeah though freestyling just seems impossible though…


No, it definitely is Andre Boulay… Trust me. I’ve been yoyoing for a while. It’s his signature throw, why would they put someone else in it.

You’ll eventually understand once you get more advanced. The tricks on YYE will teach you elements you can use in combos.

Edit: Andy gave a pretty good sort of short “rundown” of freestyling. Re-read that. Like he said, it’s pre choreographed. You should listen to what most of us say. We know what we’re talking about. A lot of us have been around for a pretty long time.


They call it a freestyle at contests but you dont actually go up there and do tricks that come from the top of your head at that very moment. They create a routine built with tricks theyve thought of in the past and put it in their routine and practice it for weeks before going on stage and doing their thing… And it was Andre in that video…


Sorry if I ignored you, didn’t mean to. And now it seems a bit more possible. How they create their own routines and practice WEEKS ahead. I did not know that. And so combos are what a set of moves are called. (I like the combo pretzles with cheese in the middle. Yum.) I just assumed that since its called freestyling, they just do everything off the top of their head. Thanks.


Sorry if I came off as a bit rude. I was too harsh. I forgot you were just learning, and here I was expecting you to know everything. I hope you don’t feel bad or hurt by what I said. It’s good you have questions, so you can learn more! You’ll never know if you don’t ask! Once again, sorry. I hope you don’t feel bad. :slight_smile:


Lololol its funny because I don’t even know what you said. But its OK… I would forgive you even though I don’t know what you said at all… >.> ???


And yeah, I gotta lay off with the questions, don’t I?


Is there anybody who just freestyles off the top of their head?


I try. And I fail. Hahah

Nope. If we didn’t like answering questions, we wouldn’t be here! Just try asking 2 or 3 in 1 post :slight_smile:


Not at a contest thats for sure! But I like to do it at home, I just do whatever tricks pop into my head… Of course I’m not making tricks off the top of my head though :wink:


Don’t worry about that now. One you learn some more tricks and a few mounts, you’ll start trying to see how many tricks yo can do on a single throw. Later, you’ll start to find ways to connect things together.

Keep in mind, there’s pretty much unlimited yoyo tricks. Yes, there are the standards that are taught here. Nearly all tricks come from these, but there’s still plenty of new stuff that comes from totally different places.