How to yo-yo to music?

Hey everybody,
I was wandering, if anybody could tell me how to yo-yo to music, and what type of music I should use for a freestyle(I mean by calm, upbeat, should it have lyrics in it, or should it have somebody singing and by how fast it should be.), and by the way, I never yo-yoed with music, I mean I listen to music as I yo-yo, but not synchronized to music, I don’t know how, yet.
Thank you in advance.

I never did free style before but I think it is all about imagination. Choose what you think is good and think what you think will fit you the best


What kind of music do you like? Base your style off that?
If it is slow, go smooth.
If it is metal, fast music, go fast.

If the beat drops, throw in a hook. Feel the flow.

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Thank you, everybody for your help, and I have both fast and slow music. Which would you prefer for a first time freestyle?

Well, if i ever did a freestyle it would be to either paper wings by rise against or here in your arms by hellogoodbye lol. my two favorite songs.
It depends on what you think you can do, are you comfortable blasting through trick after trick like mickey or do you want to show off and make it look smooth and pretty like… an ap freestyle lol.

Also, what style are you entering? some songs and speeds might match different styles better than others.

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Do you land your tricks cleanly and smoothly?

Confident with your speed?

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I am not very fast at doing my tricks, so I would rather worry about landing them cleanly and smoothly, specially on my most advance tricks, and by the way would picture tricks be ok in a freestyle or not.

Yeah they would be fine.
Rap goes good with smoothness.
Heres some suggestions.

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Oh yeah, I will be doing 1A, so will it be a slow paced song or not, sorry for asking this again, I don’t want to make anybody mad or anything, but it is just that I don’t care for rap.

Haha its all good. Alot of people don’t.
Just keep it upbeat on the calm side I guess.
You know an uplifting song. Steady tempo, but not too fast.
just try throwing to a couple songs.

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I would say go something slow. Whats your favorite slow song? Or a few of them. And what kind of tricks do you think you’ll be doing? Like whips slacks or more techy stuff?

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It would depend on what I could do in two minutes(I am going to start practicing after I find out about what song I would need.), maybe tricks like barrel rolls, the matrix, zipper, boomerang, ripcord, two handed star, rock the baby in the manger, split the atom, mach 5, plastic whip, dizzy baby, and maybe drop in the bucket, and a few of my favorite slow songs are “Open the eyes of my heart”, “I can only imagine”, “Above all”, “Let the worshipers arise” and “Amazing grace (my chains are gone)”.
Thank you for your help everybody.

Try listening to the music and timing your tricks with the beats and words. like spin the baby on the beats and stuff. get used to lining up the tricks with the songs and you should be able to get it to work.

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OK, I will pick one of those songs, and practice at it. Thank you for all of your help, everybody.

No problem man. I hope it helps. Good luck on your free style. I’ll root for you. Let me know how that works so i can use it when i try to make a freestyle lol ;D ;D

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I usually like to yoyo to something with a lot of rythm. And the offspring has a lot of good songs to go slow or fast to. (Hammerhead and You’re gonna go far kid, also Half-truism). If your doing a more theatric style of play, do something with a rising intro to give suspense (Devour by Shinedown is an excellent example.) But I mostly play with a radio on, it inspires me more, not knowing what the next song will be, rather than KNOWING the next track by heart

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Just reading through this post I can tell that your freestyle is gonna be good, can you try and make a video of it so we can see the finished product, and my music preference is, not fantastic but hey, if your doing smooth trick go with smooth music and if your doing fast tricks with pops go with music that has a heavy baseline or something, hope I helped?

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It might be awhile before the finished product, because I am practicing, and might enter, if I can for the Moyo contest, and do 1A freestyle.
Thank you, everybody, for your help.

while were on the subject of freestyles…do you have to create a routine? or can you just go up there and do random tricks lol i wanna do the latter at my first contest but i aint so sure

I don’t know, what I might do would be maybe make a routine that would fit in two minutes, but make sure I have some tricks just in case I mess up, but I never played in a contest, so I don’t know what would be recommended.

Does anybody know if I would get scored for at least advance level tricks, or would I also get scored for a few intermediate level tricks, as in ripcord, barrel rolls, drop in the bucket, and mach 5? The reason I didn’t know is because what I found in the 2009 rules, here are the rules from 2009:
Thank you in advance.