What is the easiest song for yoyo freestyles?

Well, there have been a lot of freestyles over the years with a lot of different kinds of music. Well, I want to know what you think is the easiest song to choreograph too. Personally, I think it’s 300 Violin Orchestra, because it has a steady beat, and has a steady theme, too.

tbh a metronome works pretty well lol


3 blind mice or Hot cross buns


I want to see a Freestyle to “Weird Al” Yankovic.


Do it to one of the polkas. I am terribly partial to angry white boy polka.


Anyone try freestyling to a waltz, out of curiosity?


I think EDM style music like the JJD - Halcyon or Jonas Blue - I See Love with a lot of drops and build-ups are the easiest to choreograph your performance routine to. The drops and build-ups give you a very clear indication of what kind of tricks you should be doing at each part of the music, like bangers at the drops and maybe some speed combos at the build-up leading up to horizontals at the drop. It’s also a pretty standard structure so it might not be super interesting or unique, but your musicality score should be pretty decent when using such music since your tricks will somewhat match even if you aren’t great at choreographing. (Tons of people are, not gonna lie. Even with EDM style music some people’s routine don’t feel in sync with the music). The audience would also know what the expect at each part of the music as well. Also, it gives your routine more structure and it’s easier to break down the routine into parts to work on each part individually.

For other styles of music, it’s is much harder to choreograph to since the structure of the music is not as clear and there are no good indication as to what tricks you should be doing at each part. Certain kinds of music make choreographing much more difficult, especially those with a funky beat throughout that is constantly repeating, like a tango as the groove itself doesn’t really match with yoyo tricks which tend to be more flowy and there’s only so many hops you can do before it gets boring. With a constantly repeating melody line without any high point, your tricks will have to emulate the music with similar tricks during each repeat with variations. It’s very hard to put in bangers without it feeling very out of place with the music, and bangers are the tricks that score the most points and are the most amazing to watch.

So yeah, I suggest going with EDM style music if you want an easier time choreographing (choreography is still no easy feat though, takes a lot of time and knowledge to do well). Once you have sufficiently expanded your trick set, you could take on choreographing to other styles of music. The two EDM songs I mentioned above are the ones I personally used to choreograph my diabolo performance, so yeah.

This kind of music is one of the most challenging to choreograph to, thanks to it’s pretty steady, unwavering beats (it does get slightly faster and then slower) with no high points. The song is very flat in terms of range and dynamics, which gives little room for bangers. Your mastery of tricks really comes into play when trying to choreograph a routine to such a song, as you have to vary the similar tricks just enough to be different to score points, while still keeping to the style of the music to maximise your musicality score. The performance would also be pretty boring to watch for the general public. Not a good piece of music to choreograph to for a beginner.

Lol sorry if my obvious joke suggestion of a literal parody medley song by an actual comedian came off as anything but humor.

I have no idea how to compete (and personally find the current competition standard to be a lot of ‘checking off the boxes’), so please ignore me. :clown_face:


It’s all good, your suggestion was just a good example of music to avoid when you are just starting to choreograph routines to music. A pro can do it with no issues I assume, but for a beginner starting to choreograph their routine, they just don’t have the tricks up their sleeves to pull it off.

Honestly, the choreography of routines isn’t only for competition. For me, I do it for performances for the general public and I want music that allows me to show off tricks that are difficult to do that are also very flashy. Difficult tech tricks (which is what you have to do when choreographing to music like that, bangers are hard to fit in) may be insane for people in the yoyo community, but the regular audience wouldn’t even bat an eye. The general public wants to see tricks like Eli Hops, suicides, horizontal yoyoing and the like, basically tricks that are big and flashy.

Competition standards are and will always be “checking off the boxes”, there’s no other way to objectively judge the competitors. It’s the same as exams. Just look at Olympic judging systems for sports like gymnastics which are pretty similar to yoyos, they work the same way. Other methods of judging would be too biased and subjective.

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I don’t know about anybody else, but if this was 10 seconds longer, I would put it in my freestyle.Chug Jug With You

Freestyles don’t have to be 3 minutes long

I know, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if somebody from the wildcard round made it all the way up to the final of the WYYC, then performed to this song?

Yeah I’d love to see that

I like to arrange a bunch of stuffed animals on a couch and then give them an AP routine. When I do this, I almost always use “Old McDonald had a Farm”. I start off with slow, flowy tricks, and then when I get to the animal noise part, I switch to speed/tech, matching it to the particular animal noise I’m using for that part.


Sooo they’re not freestyles but I definitely used Weird Al multiple times in the past lol:

CNR would make a decent freestyle song for a 1 or 2 minute:


That’s good. Just fun and joyful hearing Weird Al

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Ziggy Marley “Conscious Party”