Music Challenge

I have found something very fun to do in yoyoing. I would like to see how everyone else does with it.

I am trying to yoyo to very soft-beat music or music that is really hard to yoyo to. For example, I am using “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel from the Frozen Movie at a Talent Show in about a month. Other hard songs would be music like that from Disney Movies. That is where I am getting my music from now.

Has anyone else ever tried this? I find in fun and amusing due to it being a little bit of a challenge. I may post a video of my freestyle from the Talent Show afterwards if anyone wants to see it.

Bet you can’t do this one.

Slow down when the music is slow, speed up when the music is fast, be dramatic when the music is dramatic, etc. I do this all the time to background music in commercials.

For me soft, slow music is the easiest. IMO good yo-yoing doesn’t come from speed, drama, or flash, which goes along faster paced music, good yo-yoing goes along with rhythmic, slow, and chill music. A good example is Only Swerving, which actually Guy Wright used in a juggling video.

As one of those fast asian aggressive player, I can’t. I am also using Krewella - Live For The Night (Pegboard Nerds Remix) for talent show competing for 1000 dollars. :smiley:

Ah, my style is lots of tech and flow (at least I try to make it that) which involves tricks that can easily be paced to music. I’m no crazy fast Japanese boy as mentioned above. I avoid brostep (what many people incorrectly name dubstep which is unbelievable different) aka that speedy noisy Skrillex stuff. Check out what I plan to use for my next contest:

Trust Me - by The Fray

Kind of the opposite for me. I have to have some sort of flow in my tricks, and I find it really convenient when the music is peaceful and kind of normal pace. With fast music it is hard to yoyo to it, since I have to go to a higher speed, but it varies with what I feel like doing.