BPM and yoyoing


I thought this would be an interesting topic.

Whenever I yoyo, I find that I get myself into certain moods, where yoyoing to music choices of a certain BPM seem to match up with how I’m throwing that day, and without even noticing, Ill choose multiple songs of that same BPM as I go through my normal yoyo routine.
It goes a level beyond just music preference and into actual rhythm and ones own pacing.

For myself in the last few days, I’ve been favoring song choices around the 99-100 bpm, which a lot of my favorite hip hop type instrumentals fall into. It helps me yoyo in a more laid back and calm way,

What about the rest of you?


Man, you like thinking about the spiritual part of yoyoing huh? :smiley:

I do find that sometimes music will affect how I play or vice versa. Interesting observation…


I like to yoyo while listening to raggae. I’m not sure on the BPM, but it results in some relaxing throwing.


Ive been watching DBZ from start to finish while yo-yoing…only on the Frieza or however you spell it saga…long way to go…


The BPM aspect is very interesting to me. Because I choose to not even listen to any kind of music when I throw.

I find the more quiet it is, the more focused and relaxed I feel when throwing.

When I watch Yoyo videos, I almost always mute the volume. Some of the the very best freestyles seem to have pretty lame music.

I understand that it would be pretty boring for people attending Yoyo contests, to sit around and watch Yoers all day throw with No Music, lol.

But when I throw, I am not competing. And when I watch recorded freestyles, I am not at a Contest.

So the movement and the silence is more ‘Zen’ to me.

Now… That being said; when I am not yoing, I crank up the sounds and rattle windows, hahahaha.


Its the half-time feel you get from the drums. Promise. :slight_smile:
A good example of this would be the “One Drop”(go figure!)drum pattern.




I’m not sure about BPM, but I like music that isn’t too slow. Music that is fast a lot of times I can work with it by just letting multiple beats go by between string hits/tricks/moves.

That being said, the most important part for me is throwing to a song that I know. The better I know a song the more fun it is to throw to it. Songs that I know like the back of my hand and those ingrained into my soul are the best to throw to, so amazing that there are no words.