Best yoyo music!


I just wanted to see what people like.

(DOGS) #2

Whatever I’m listening to right now.


Although it’s not my favorite kind of music to listen to, I really enjoy yoyoing to classical-type music. Music with lots of string instruments in it.


if your asking what is good to put with a yoyo video, if your style is abrupt, then fast beat electric or punkrock. if your style is smooth then soft alternate, or something smooth. analyze your style then decide music that goes with it.


Dubstep… Brostep


Pony songs.


The beatles and chicago

(J. Lev) #8

Guster and Bruce Springsteen have always been great for me.


Experiment around a little bit… I use pandora and all it’s stations and right now I’m liking my trance and techno


Being a DJ, I personally like to yoyo based on the flow of what feels comfortable for me in reference to beats per minute. I found that I feel comfortable right around the 115 bpm range. Some songs that you guys may be familiar with in that range is:

Bass Down Low - Dev (114BPM)
It Takes Two - Rob Bass (111BPM)
Kiss - Prince (112BPM)
Billie Jean - Michael Jackson (116BPM
Sexyback - Justin Timberlake (117BPM)
DJ Got Us Fallin In Love - Usher (120BPM

Those are just an example in a few different genre’s of music.

Yoyo without music and get a feel for your own rhythm then buy a beat per minute counter. I have an iPhone app that I got for free, but you can also do the old fashion way. Count the beats of the song for 10 seconds. At the end of 10 seconds take the number of beats and times it by 6 and you’ll have your bpm count.

I know most just put on music and throw to it or do a video and just throw some sort of background music. From watching worlds most just play a sound track they like and don’t pay much attention to the beats and landing tricks on the beats, but I personally find it impressive to have the music and the throwing in sync with one another. That makes for a better show and more talent in my opinion. Why have music if your not going to use it to its fullest.

I know I’m not going to come close to even placing in the Florida State competition coming up in March but I have already started to come up with songs and ideas of putting together a melody and then choreographing a routine to that.


Mr. bear haha


Umm… I’ve actually been enjoying throwing to Squinch Owl lately.


my last FS song: (Xdiv so only 2 minutes)