what do you look for in throwing music?

what d you look for in throwing music? personally i love some dubstep, but i enjoy some trance and alotta SKa music, and some underground rap if the beat is on point. SKa and Dubstep being on top. nothing scrams fun like some toasters or catch22, lemme know what you guys like to yoyo too

I like a lot of the hiphop that the cabin tuts use.

Love some hardcore dub step or trap everyone and awhile, but I can’t throw to that properly.

Flow and rythym that’d match my tricks - want to do one with zoo station by u2

All depends on what mood I’m in really. If I feel like just trying to create stuff I’ll usually go with something pretty chilled out so I can just go with the flow, whereas if I’m practicing my speed or a routine then I’ll usually go with something like a decently paced dubstep or electronic mix.

My go-to throwing music is pretty much anything by ‘Blackmill’.

If you’ve never listened to any of his stuff before, I really can’t recommend it enough. Give it a listen if you get the chance.  :slight_smile:

I yoyo to some more chill stuff when I’m just throwing for fun but if I makeing a routine I try to find something faster paced.

I have a slower, but not too slow style with more technical tricks I often look for something more relaxed but still upbeat, like I love to throw to odenza and some of chase haddens stuff it works well for me

Some chill hip hop instrumentals are my pick. Not really a fan of fast paced “dubstep” freestyles, like Christopher Chi’s style. I’m a huge fan of Charles haycock and Jensen kimmitt

EDM, or some punk rock like MCR - Na Na Na. It has rage, and a beat plus it goes really well with my style. I like to slam out tricks and add extra flair to the start of my tricks.

Oh, and I try to find songs that if you were to go to a club you could rave/dance to it, or could play FPS/Racing games to.

I like something up beat most of the time mostly with a lot of bass. Also, I love yoyoing to some piano it just complements the yoyoing so much. If there is an EDM piano song I’ll listen to it a lot when yoyoing.

Dubstep or rock, depending on the mood

XD some punk like MCR…ouch…Try some of The virus, or antidote or even some Lower class brats real punk music is some rage, give a listen and get back to me, try some of the unseen as well most people like them its a more easy transitn for most or dead kennedys for some classics

EDM and dubstep depending on who the artist is recently I have been liking lots of monster cat. I mainly look for something that has a good and interesting rhythm and melody.

Look for in throwing music? Music isn’t for looking it’s for listening silly rabbit. ::slight_smile: Actually, since I have no style I don’t really worry about music when I’m yo-yoing, I just yoyo. If there happens to be music, sweet if not, oh well. I usually listen to hard rock or heavy metal so that’s probably what I yoyo to without giving it much thought. I guess I do play a lot of classical and jazz as well. It’s just something I really haven’t given much thought. I’ll have to pay more attention.

I don’t really listen for specific things in the music I listen to/throw to. Usually its house music, and if I like the beat, then I’ll put it on my playlist(Spotify woo!) and keep on my day.

Distance. When I throw music I want it to go far.

LOL :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

haha but seriously, i like stuff like “magic potion” by the black keys. it has some chill beats it has some really fat and upbeat beats. thats what i like to yoyo to.

I do enjoy throwing to music, but I’ve actually come to prefer yoyoing in silence, or more accurately, the ambient sounds of wherever I am. It’s really interesting if you listen with the right mindset.

XD,love it

I like music that’s groovy. Stuff you can settle your mind in to. Made In Heights is always good. Starkey. Yoshida Brothers. Then again, I had Aesop Rock on yesterday.