Favorite music to Throw to!

This is a common question but it seems it hasn’t been asked here for a good bit.

What do you all love to throw to? It could be a general genre or specific song! Sometimes I find a particular song that brings out some real grade A creativity in my yoyoing. Recently had a fantastic time throwing my Grail to this song:

Still Corners - The Trip

First time hearing about this synthpop group from London. But now I can’t stop throwing to dreamy beats like this hahaha.

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LOUD! :loud_sound:


Psychill, Vaporwave, and Samurai Trap


Varies on what I’m feeling and what I’m yoyoing for. When I’m preparing for a contest I’ll often throw to orchestral pieces for my 5A, especially compositions from my good friend FoxAmmore.
In the case of 2A, I like to throw to eurobeat and classic trance.

When I’m just chilling with the 1A it’s usually a mix of UK dubstep or Melodic death metal.

When I’m really in the feel for going harder during 1a practice though I listen to hardstyle and D&B


haha, Dubstep music so I can land those 1a laceration combos when the bass drops :joy:

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Sometimes rap, sometimes something calmer, sometimes hymns. Depends what mood I’m in, but then again, my mood sometimes depends on the music I’m listening to, so I really never know.

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I like to throw to this song exclusively :crazy_face:

The backstory

For me when I’m chillin and playing 1a I turn on some lofi chill hop. :headphones: :musical_note:

Depends on my mood.

Animals As Leaders
Between the Buried and Me
[Old school] Mastodon (Leviathan and Remission)
August Burns Red
For Today
Plea for Purging

Hip Hop/Chillhop and the like:

Del tha Funkee Homosapien
Eshon Burganday
Beautiful Eulogy
Shai Linne
Stephen the Levite

Pink Floyd:

Atom Heart Mother
Obscured by Clouds

Honorable mentions:

Rivers and Robots
Seeker and Servant
Fleet Foxes
Band of Horses
Avett Brothers
Jose Gonzales
Trampled by Turtles
Thrice [Water album]
Pete Seger♡
John Hartford♡

And many many more. I just love music, and I really enjoy working with each music style while throwing. Sometimes I like to push my limits, and most of the time I like to just chill. My music reflects that


I always thought this would be a cool song for someone to do a routine to. The Oscar Peterson Trio featuring Clark Terry - Mumbles


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I tend to find myself using hip hop or chillhop, but I listen to pretty much all kinds of music due to being a musician. Some of my favorite specific artists:
Richie Branson, The DOC, Sianvar, At the Drive In, The Mars Volta, Closure in Moscow, Dance Gavin Dance, Del the Funky Homosapien, Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Nujabes, Sleepdealer, WunTwo, Eyedea and Abilities, Kadeshflow, Mega Ran, Brother Ali, Polyphia, Chon, Jason Richardson, After the Burial, BTBAM, Born of Osiris, Animals as Leaders, Plini, The Red Chord and so many more

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You got some pretty good stuff in there my dude. It’s not every day you find someone into both AAL and Nujabes lol

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What kind of musician are you? I play acoustic guitar and banjo mainly, but I also just love music and can noodle around on just about any instrument

@smileypants707 I’ve played drums in a lot of different bands over the years. Everything from hardcore and death metal to punk pop and reggae. I’ll listen to pretty much anything other than country and pop, but even some of that I don’t mind too lol. I like to mess around with keyboards and synth, but I’m just self taught for the most part.

This is my most recent band, but we’re actually parting ways after our last couple shows


@shatterFX Dude! Chill! I love that reggae ska sound, that music is so fun to play. Just getting into a groove and jamming

I haven’t played any music in a while, there just hasn’t been any time lately but this is one of the last things that I wrote. It’s not perfect, so don’t laugh


Dude I love the banjo. I wish I didn’t have stupid fingers, just was never able to pick up guitar.

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I feel like I’m in an extreme minority who don’t listen to music while yoyoing. I mean, sometimes I do but even then it’s just coincidental. Like, I might just happen to have a record on. I’ve always been like that. Never listened to music while lifting, running or anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love music, I just really enjoy immersing myself in the moment. With running and stuff like that there are also practical reasons why I don’t, but yoyoing probably just followed suit and I play in silence like everything else. I definitely see why people like it, and I might even make an effort to play with music more often, but it’s just not a must-have for me by any stretch.


I dig this mix that KendamaUSA posted recently:

And this mix has all the classic yoyo songs you could ever need. Haha.


No Copyright Sounds on YouTube! Songs are so good!

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