... Your favorite music to throw to?

Heck YA! @smileypants707… Love it.

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I’ve started a throw tunes playlist and so far its pretty broad…

I love the banjo though. Check out Andy Thorn

i listen to tally hall and rare americans, pretty much any decently fast songs with really vibey slow bits work perfectly

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Thelonious Monk “ in walked bud “ ( fast )
“ round midnight “ ( slow )
John Coltrane “ blue train “
if you listen to the introduction it as if he is finding out or figuring out the answers to it all, then he explodes into a detailed explanation of that answer to who ever will listen.
One day I would like to, or see some one do a killer freestyle to this piece of music.


I’m not even really that good to playing to music yet but we’re certainly going to try!

@POspot … I’ll give that a listen. Same @Espressoe !! Thank for the feedback.