What music do you guys and gals like to throw to?


Just interested to see what genre/artists people prefer with their contests or just practice. Personally, I really like anything techno, and my favorite artist right now it Madeon. It’s mostly remixes, but still really good.

Here’s a link to my favorite song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTx3G6h2xyA


Daft Punk is awesome to throw to.


70’s pop.








And much, much more…


Am I the only thrower who likes Techno/Trance? :frowning:

(Jei Cheetah) #7

Been throwing to this as of late.

Really love this sound.
Also a bunch of stuff from Nolita and Alphazone. Amazing trance artist.


for 5A I like slow-ish, kinda hard to listen to, yet totally groovy stuff

for 1A I throw on whatever as long as it’s not eurobeat


I usually throw to artists like: Nomak, Emancipator, Crystal Castles. I also listen to Jazz, Classical piano and symphony, but my favorite is probably just to play my list of hiphop.


Im not fast enough to throw at a speed to follow the beat, but i’ll get there. I like to play along with this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvLbUjKjqTM


I like to throw to rap, metal, punk, indie, and mellower dubstep.


heavy metal, rock, alternative, daft punk, and i’ll say it now… technologic… (buy it, use it, breakit, fix it) O0

(WildCat23) #13

Hard rock, classic rock, rock, Progressive rock… yeah you get the point.

O0 Yoyo creep: I can do that too! O0


Kara J-Pop, and Flesh N Bone. Total opposites of the spectrum.


Skrillex ftw


mostly rock…hard rock, alternative, heavy…but i’ve found that one of my favorite musicians to throw to is Manson…not sure why…it just seems to fit! Nobodies = my favorite throwing song!


Daft Punk, Gorrilaz, Deadmau5 remixes, LCD Soundsystem, Polish Ambassador, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney… Techno on some fast or laidback stuff. Country to chill.


lots of stuff but lately a lot of Red Hot Chili Peppers


Lots of electronica remixes. Many of them having to do with ponies. That is one awesome thing about that community, the music is phenomenal.

Also, some of Jensen’s beats, like Street Weasel.