Music to throw to...


Please let me know if I missed your music genre. And feel free to link to your favorite song to yoyo to. C=


I really wish I could vote for 2.  :stuck_out_tongue: Rap/Dubstep for me, but I voted for rap. As for my favorite song to throw to, it changes alot, but right now its One Mic by Nas.


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Fixed and now that I spread them out Dubstep is no longer paired with Electronica so…



I wish I made it so you could have more then one vote but I forgot and I don’t know how to fix it… =C


techno songs are nice it pumps u upi recpmend numb encore techno remix



Alternative! 8) But really anything with a nice beat to it.

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Can we get a punk option?


It has been done.
That reminds me of Daft Punk.


I like throwing with japanese song or korean


There now that might help…


(Raphael) #14

Rap is one letter from Crap

why no screamo option?

I’m sure some people like a growling phlegm fest


One of my favorite songs to throw to is Final Frontier by RJD2 and Blueprint:


RAP!!! Its all i listen to and especially while throwing!
My favorite rap song to throw to is and instrumental(: But its till great!

(Halbach) #17

I’m not a huge fan of BEP’s newest songs, but their older ones are fairly good.

That, and Daft Punk and Ratatat


I thought it might fit under metal or punk but I’ll add it.

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Ah yes.  The Blacked Eyed Peas.  The one group who I would like to do terrible things to if given the chance.


Rap!!! Eminem is a lyrical God  !!!