what are good songs for yoyoing this is my fav

daft punk is AWESOME.


Yes Skrillex and Daft punk are always fun to throw to. I always throw to anything Electro, Dance, or Techno. Although, when it comes to style you should pick the best music for that style. Like Johnnie DelValle and his rap songs. Idk, whatever inspires you to throw!

I take after JD hahaha  ;D

i just cant get into it with Electro or Techno lol

I feel like im the last person left that throws to rock/classic rock. My freestyle a couple years ago at NER was to Steve Vai’s “The Attitude Song”, and I usually have Springsteen pumping when I’m just throwing around

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i throw to the beatles red hot chili peppers green day etc i wanna make a freestyle to under the bridge or by the way

You not. I do too. I throw to Rush, Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Hendrix, Pink Floyd and anything that rocks.

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I usually throw to Justin beiber… Wait, what? :wink:

Like throwing to the Glitch Mob and Ratatat. I enjoy yoyoing to anything techno, dubstep, or, electronica.

Depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes I throw to something like this:

Or this: (LANGUAGE WARNING, its censored, but I’m still putting it up.)

Or this:

in a talent competition i used the song party rock anthem for the preliminaries and i used billionaire (censored) for my final performance.

The Wombats

This song just helps me get in “the zone”