Good Music to Yoyo to?

What is your favorite song to Yoyo to?

stronger kanyae west

Phoenix’s latest album or anything by Daft Punk. On occasion I might also listen to Justice.

As of late it’s been alot of Mos Def.

Tom Waits. : Blood Money or Mule Variations

Solo by Iyaz. :smiley:

The Next Door Remix by DJ Kariu ft. Two D

Down With The Sickness

I really like throwing to Melodeath like In Flames but I also really like throwing to Hip-Hop preferabley any one of the Luv Sic songs by Shing02.

Daft Punk is always a favourite as well.

The whole ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’ album.
And the song: ‘Huddle Transformation’ - The Go! Team.

I like uplifting songs, so I listen to Andrew Belle and Animal Collective when I’m yoyoing.


This is probably what I am gonna yoyo to at Redondo Yoyo Comp. This Sunday!

That’s pretty sweet James. You got to put a video up.

I just listen to what come’s on shuffle. I like anything usually. My classical music is fun for going slow and smooth, and I really like Rise Against for the up beat moods. It all depends on what you like, and the mood your in.

this song came up on the shuffle for my ipod and it was just too cool!

Anything by “The Strokes”.

I mostly listen to Japanese music, for the meantime I mostly listen to Sterepony, SCANDAL and UVERworld when I’m yoyoing.

For Stereopony I mostly listen to : Hanbunko, Tsukiakari no michishirube(don’t know if I spelled it correctly :P)

For SCANDAL I mostly listen to : Shunkan Sentimental, Hoshi no Furu Yoru ni, S.L. Magic, Natsuneiro, FUTURE

For UVERworld I mostly listen to : Kanashimi wa Kitto and CHANCE!

For Home Made Kazoku : Shounen Heart and NO RAIN, NO RAINBOW

The Strokes are a great band, I really like to throw to Hard to Explain by them.

welcome to bucket head land

Changes so often it would be spam to list them every time it changes.

Thats cool!

Thanks, I just like really hard rock or especially metal! My fav. band is Thousand Foot Krutch. They are in all my videos on youtube. But I also like some of Skillets older albums and songs. Like the music video I previously posted. But I might do a video with Weird Al’s song White and Nerdy. I am nerdy but only 50% white lol! :smiley: IF you don’t know what I am talking about you should so search Weird Al on youtube, his music videos are halarious! Yeah, I will make sure to video tape myself at the Redondo comp. I hope I do well, I am just gonna go up there and make it up as I go allong! :smiley:

                                                                                  Peace, James Reed! :)

lol! :smiley: :slight_smile: