what songs do you yoyo to?

what songs do you yoyo to?


anything I already listen to. but my favorites would be 19-2000 by Gorrilaz (in my video) or feel good inc. also by Gorrilaz. I also listen to anything by The Knife or Ratatat


Anything with a good fast paced beat or just anything im in the mood for. Alot of metal, like black dahlia murder, parkway drive, as blood runs black and lamb of god. Also stuff like modest mouse, the hives. The only rap i do listen to would be Zack de la Rocha collabs and Saul Williams. I try to diversify.

The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, The Gaslight Anthem, David Ford, mostly.

Whoever I’m listening to really does tend to impact the tricks I do.

Anything by Rise Against, some Sum41, some 3 Days Grace, and some A7X.

Right now I’m making a freestyle to Jesus Walks by Kanye West.

Good classics :slight_smile: And for me, have to say some techno along with classic rock

in general music,  i like rock not to hard bands like sum41,  nickleback,  blink182,the used,linkin park, and ect all bands that play rck but this is a good song to yoyo to

He looks like he’s gonna crash XD

that kinda disappoints me when people listen to that song. Mainly because the Flobots have songs that are waay better. Listen to the whole fight with tools album, seriously.

i know but its the song meaning that is awesome its 2 friends talking and 1 is good 1 is bad listen carefully

Aphex Twin and Raison d’être, though recently it’s been the irreversable soundtrack.

Nujabes. Nomak. Shing02.

Any Pink Floyd song before they were considered progressive rock.

I like new stuff too though the genre doesnt matter too much, for example I like Empire State of Mind as well as I like Dethklok, disturbed, john mayer, Rehab…

While throwing, I like to listen to songs that are a little chill, but have a nice beat. For this, I usually turn on the Daft Punk station on Pandora. Phoenix has a pretty good album for it, too. Gerard Amento’s “Never Been Like That” is off of it, if you’ve seen that.

Sum 41, La-Vie, Foo Fighters, and Sugarcult.

I just throw Last FM on and let it play. My style changes up a lot depending on the speed of the song.

Linkin Park, A Day to Remember, Trivium, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Papa Roach, A7X

Pretty much anything hard rock hehehe