Music to yoyo to?

Hey guys just wondering what all you guys like to listen to while yoyoing. I usually listen to techno.
^^Like that.
But anyway what kind of music do you guys listen to?

Latly alot of ska punk and rock… Some bands I really like though

Reel Big Fish

Operation Ivy

and probably my favorite band,

Thin Lizzy,

A great band from Ireland, and if you didn’t listen to the other songs, this is the one you need to listen to, it’s my all time favorite song… And is just awesome…

But I yoyo to these bands and these songs alot…

This is too long of a list, but I’ll try and sum it up ;D
All Out War
Bad Religion
Boy Sets Fire
Xcasey jonesX
Coheed and Cambria
Comeback Kid
Evergreen Terrace
Four Year Strong
Kid Dynamite
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
No Use For a Name
None More Black
Set Your Goals
Straight Faced
Stretch Arm Strong
Strung Out
The Bouncing Souls
The Flatliners

OK, OK, I’m done…I got a little out of hand here :smiley: Pretty much anything fast, fun, and upbeat, unless I’m at work. Then I just stand at my desk and throw!

I’ve recently been throwing alot to kid cudi

It’s groovy and fun to listen even though its old.

Nujabes, Blue scholars.

It always changes.

Right now…

Ew Soulja Boy…
haha sorry.

It’s Soulja Boy… no need to be sorry…

nice one jonas but right now what ever has a good rythym or something that goes with the tricks im doing

I’m a fan of fast metal.
The Ascendicate is usually what I throw to.

so you listen to two songs over and over?

i really don’t have many songs on my mp3 player cause im too lazy to go and download them but i usually just loop it through my favorite playlist and yoyo to the music, it makes me more adaptable… except for dragonforce, im not that good.

? Kid Cudi just put out a 15 song album not too long ago called Man on the Moon…

My faverite yoyo song EVER is probly the song john ando used 2008, starry skies yeah remix