Yo-Yoing Music

For the last few years I have been on the hunt for and collecting music to juggle to and now that I started Yoing I want to find music for that. I figure that a lot of the music will work for both but there must be some songs that are more yoing specific.
What songs do you like throwing to and / or do you think would go great with yoing?

For the crazy and insane like me death metal.
But for the sane punk rock.

Any really fast song, like rap. I don’t like rap, but I do listen to some radio stuff that is clean, the hits…

I don’t like rap but that’s what makes me throw faster.

I have to admit, lyric wise, that Hall Of Fame by The Script is the best yoyo song,.

Very nice ;D

What do you think of this one?
It"s I’ve Got the World on a String Several artist have sung it.


I’m a pretty slow thrower, so I tend to go with slower music myself. Some of my favorites are:

Or pretty much anything by Geographer or Purity Ring. There’s lots of other songs too, but I don’t feel like taking up so much space with such a long list. :wink:

Lately RJD2, Thelonius Monk, Vijay Iyer trio, and Explosions in the sky.

Mr. Scruffy!

I love Madeon the city! Icarus is ok…

Anything that I already listen to is considered yoyo music. There’s a wide array of music for channeling or accompanying a mood, and the same applies to the diverse nature of yoyo.

Call of Ktulu, Ecstasy of Gold, Orion

Why did you have to post this, i wanted to!
Madeon rocks!

this one is my jam!

This is my main yo-yoing song:

I like stuff with multiple sections. Stuff that I can coordinate with music… Idk if any of you know of Mike Tompkins, but I used his mix of Cinema by skrillex for MN states. I’m using another one of his for MWR.

Uhh, what about MR.B34R??

Mr. Bear rocks…

Warp 1.9 is very good to freestyle too.

Mostly The Postal Service, Vampire Weekend, and Death Cab For Cutie. Anything will work as long as I like the song.

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WOW, and thanks. Those are some really good songs so far. The next time I’m at the mall I’m going to check in FYE for some of them.