Favorite Song

Let’s spread good music throughout the yoyo community.

I’ll go first.

Imagine Dragons- On top of the world

That is a good one and for me right now Icarus by Bastille

I dont know if you guys are into rap, but im starting to like TDE (top dawg entertainment) or black hippy. It has Kendrick Lamar (KING KENDRICK!) jay rock,ab soul, and ScHoolboy Q.
Yeah, im kinda addicted to Kendrick Lamar. I also like A$AP rocky, 2 chains,tyga,eminem,2pac,etc… but… I hate drake.had to get that out there lol.

I like Kendrick Lamar also, he is good. I like all types of music really, except country. I cannot stand that music lol.

Well right now the songs I listen to the most are:
Level With The Devil by Fake Problems
Delirium by Motion City Soundtrack
Pretender by Foo Fighters

My favorite some ever made though is Death Don’t Have No Mercy by Reverend Gary Davis. You gotta love delta blues.

Imagine dragons- radioactive
Fallout boy- light em up

And a whole bunch of show tunes that you guys wouldn’t recognize.

My current favorite is Oohs and Aahs by NEEDTOBREATHE. But I also really like Fly on the Wall by Thousand Foot Krutch. Or any of their songs really. :wink:

I’m listening to lots a of Lindsey stirling these days… All of those songs are good really. That and I have also been listening to plain white t’s. I have quite an interesting taste In music.

I just listen to music from step up movies haha it all has good base :wink:

Right now I would have to say it’s Tut Tut Child- A jester affair. So awesome

same, I hate country! (no offence anybody)

I like the vast majority of music genres. Unless it resembles one direction (i do understand that their music isn’t targeted to me) I probably like it.

To this I say:

And to the rest I say:
Reckoning Song - Asaf Avidan! (Look for the acoustic THEN the manklemut remix)
Ho-HEY - (on spotify) by “ho-hey” (lol)
Thousand foot krutch - anything that they do, haha (yeah string king!)
Lindsey Stirling for some violin!
Wub-wubs (dubstep) by various (Skrillex, Calvin Harris, knife party, flux pavilion, modestep)
And… Oh yeah! Icon for hire! They just released a new album too!

I like a lot of stuff so here’s some stuff I’ve found some what recently.

“Hero Brother” by Sarah Neufeld

“We Share Our Mothers Health” by The Knife

“Dreary Moon” by Big Black Delta

“Houdini Crush” by Buke and Gase

“Tin Man” by Future Islands

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Right now it’s these
La Vie En Rose-Louis Armstrong
Take It or Leave It- Cage The Elephant
Crystallized-Young the Giant
M.A.A.D City-Kendrick Lamar
Couch-Earl Sweatshirt

I’ve listened to Lindsey Stirling’s version of Radioactive like 100 times lol, it is so good! :slight_smile:

Have you guys seen/heard the cover of radioactive thats all violin?

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By Lindsey Sterling? Then yes. And that thank you was an accident…

Stereo hearts
Circles = Best dubstep.
The only rap I listen to is lecre.

Le-cre-cre XD

And as for the wubs, I listened to them, and they’re pretty sweet!
Especially circles! However, stereo hearts seemed a bit unnaturally choppy. Like not in the good way :confused: but it was still pretty good! And it’s all subjective, so I’m glad you love it! :slight_smile:

Legyoyo XD