What song are you throwing to today?

(Khent G) #1

Mine is Sail by AWOLNATION


if this thread catches on i forsee my postcount ballooning…

blockhead - The Robyn Bird Era


Bury Them Bones-Emancipator

(SR) #4

Your English Is Good- Tokyo Police Club


TNGHT - Bugg’n


Animals As Leaders - Espera


Too Simple - Stephen Walking & Tristam


The Ballad of Butter Beans - Man Man


silence. can’t concentrate with music on.

(SR) #10

Yeah, for some reason I just cant do tricks as well with music on. I still put it on though, if the song is good.

Everyone says they do better with music. Not me.


Levels - Avicii
Luis Enrique used it in BAC this year! :smiley:


Suite no. 1 - Bach

(Khent G) #13

La Roux Skrillex Remix- In for the kill

Lets get this thread moving!


(WildCat23) #14

2112 - Rush




Lately I’ve been YoYo’in to my nephews new music he created. Its pretty cool you should give it at try and he would love some feedback. I can’t get his songs outta my head. Lol.


(WildCat23) #17

Nice.  Like the hitchhikers reference.


Smile empty soul- Finding Myself. Trapt - Lost in portrait. Strata- Piece by piece. Disturbed- Hell, Striken.

(Khent G) #19

Paper Planes by MIA


Yo yo expert forum edit heck = H.E double hockey sticks.