What yo-yo are you throwing today ???

(Jeromy K.) #1

I want to know what people throw from day to day and see how it changes.
Me Kyo Alph and The Copy Cat sorry I use two a day ;D

(JonasK) #2

My really cool black/blue (Louis Armstrong) M1 and my SpeedMaker as a beater.



(yoyobot) #4

i throw my dark magic or legacy every day (only two i own)


Legacy, Hayabusa


All of mine everyday, but lately I have been throwing my new Hectic.


PGM today. Lately I haven’t been trowing my DM because I like the PGM more. Later.

Keep it spinning™

(Mark) #8

SpeedMaker on Weekdays, Speeder on Weekends.

(Shisaki) #9

Mostly my blue/orange M1 ( name it for me Pheenix?) but occasionaly my legacy


Frozen Orange? ;D

Anyways, my only throw is the DM. :’(

But it’s a good yoyo!
I might stay with it forever.


I have really been throwing my old Tank alot lately. I forgot how much I loved it ;D


My Grey Fox, It’s my beater and I’m so attached to it.

At home, my Newer and not at all beaten up Grey Fox, Speedmaker, and Legacy.

(Mitch) #13

I always have a yoyo with me… Normaly my DM but I’ve been working with my Legacy trying to come up with a freestyle for Jay’s contest

(Shisaki) #14

Orange splash? where’s pheenix when I need him…

(SR) #15

I threw my DM today!

(Jamesofyoyo) #16

dv888 and xvict. :wink:


most days its my DNA special but other days its my X-Convict


I either use my meteor or my pgm. I use my meteor in school, but pgm while thinking of tricks.


I take a yoyo to work. Today is the DM, yesterday was the DNA. Tomorrow… maybe the Pistolero.

I can’t wait to bring the new breed in… in two weeks :’(