Whats your go to Yoyo?


Alright so your running out the door in a flash and have to grab 1 one yoyo. What Yoyo is that you always have on you or your grabbing?


The one closest to me. Would probably be a Chief or an Avalanche.

(G2 Jake) #3



Probably my supernova, my favorite throw :slight_smile:


Lately it’s been the SPYY Pro or Supra; whichever is closer.


Same, I like my supra because its small but still plays great.


It’s usually a DM2 mostly since one lives in a yoyo holster and is ready to go at a moment’s notice.


Tends to be my Catalyst. I love that throw. I play it the most, and it’s so, so good.

Maybe I should update my favorite yoyo in my profile info…


My Classic and Cliff right now. Maybe my Destiny when I get it.


Usually it’s my Avalanche, but lately I’ve been bringing my Albatross with me.

I don’t usually damage me yoyos and prefer to keep them that way, but my Albatross was bought with severe damage so there’s no risk ;D


My trusty dm2 ;D


Mine would have to be my beater DM2…the rims are all beat up and scuffed…however this throw is one that I can always count on…


Usually my Code 1, but if I want something smaller, I’ll usually pick out a Ministar, and if I’m feeling saucy I’ll take a St. Eel.


Wow, y’all sure do go out with some nice throws…I would be paranoid about damaging it, since I hold my throws on the go with a bloop.

Anyway, my go-to is always a nice plastic or my Yomega Dash ($30 metal), if I know I will be throwing a lot. Once I get my Surge and OneStar, I will probably start carrying either one of those. My go-to USED to be my ProtoStar, but it broke, and so I now has a REALLY loud noise and some vibe. It would seriously be rude to throw it around others.


I like bringing my Summit sometimes ill bring something else like a sine//saw or puffin


I don’t have enough yoyos yet to get picky, so it has to be my DM2 (hmmmm I’m seeing a pattern here :stuck_out_tongue: )


Crucial Dulce. Amazing throw, even though it weighs 69 grams, the shape keeps it quick, so you get the best of both worlds.

(kclejeune) #18

Usually a summit, although I picked up an albatross and I bring it with me a lot. I also recently got a catalyst on a trade and it’s kind of becoming a carry around throw…


Albatross or Avalanche. Also my Gelada! It’s always a very tough choice. I like a lot of my throws equally.


My genesis currently