Which music genre is best for yoyoing?

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IMO, I like to use Alternative.

Jazz, such as Dave Brubeck, Charlie Parker, Benny Goodman to name my favorites.

Just as you would improvise in Jazz, it applies the same to yo-yoing.

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I like rap…

Normally I just listen to any music that I’ve recently put on my ipod, or just let it do a random shuffle… depends, sort of. Of course, I actually just recently started to play music while yoyoing. Never knew how much fun it was!


I yoyo to lots of different types of music and can adapt my play to whatever it may be…

But its often hiphop or the harder styles of dance music (drum and bass etc. not trance.)

Jazzy hip-hop.

Whatever puts you in the right mood is best!

For me pretty much anything other than heavy rock or metal.

Usually I stick with Jazz (Duke Ellington is amazing), oldies (Beatles and Beach Boys are great), or my various array of music that I could list but no one (or close to it) would know.

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Personally I like the songs “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor or “Through the fire and Flames” by Dragon Force

Punk, Punk, and more Punk :smiley: I do like some old school Hip-Hop too (Run-DMC, KRS-One)

Gangsta Thug Muzik but to bad you can’t use them in contests. Well you can but why risk being disqualified.