yoyo music!

What kind of music helps you yoyo, if any? When i yoyo to dupstep, its more fun, plus, it helps me with boing e boing for some reason. Your yoyo music?

I like to yoyo while I listen to the Gorrilaz. And for some strange reason, Adele… ???

haha listening to adele while playing adegle

Anything that gets me going. From chill hip hop beats to your everyday brostep. I throw with anything.

Anything and everything but country. XD
I yoyo to music that suits my mood. Classical being one of my favorites :smiley:

I throw to old school rap the most. They usually have strong, tight beats with equally simplistic lyrical flow. Makes it easy for me to get my tricks in sync and find a groove. My play is definitely better with music, no question.

Tonight my playlist was
Shook Ones - Mobb Deep
Shadowboxin’- GZA
Mathematics - Mos Def
Guillotine - Raekwon
Work - Gang Starr
Can’t Truss it - Public Enemy

Definitely dub step as well.

Rock all the way

Dubstep makes me go faster and helps me think of new things spontaneously, while old hip hop (like Tribe called Quest) helps me with timing and everything just flows better. Bearings, response, and string don’t matter nearly as much as what music I’m listening to. ;D

My favorite yoyo songs:

Ohhh nooo - Excision
Aerodynamic - Daft Punk
Retreat - Datsik
Boom - Excision and Datsik
Santeria - Sublime
Coming Undone - Korn
Feel Like I Do - Drowning Pool

I usually listen to rush as of late, specifically clockwork angels. I’ll throw to any rock that I can jam to though.

some piece from celine dion and amy grant,also lots of j-pop and pure music of new age. that makes me yoyo in another world

Swerve by Excision and Downlink and 8 bit superhero by Excision and Datsik are definitely my two favorite songs for dubstep.

I was listening to dubstep before me yoyoing, I’ll listen to it still yoyoing. I like slow relaxing dubstep with that low dragging bass. But every once in a while I will throw in a little skrillex. I’ve even found classical music like Mozart and Bach done with a dubsteb background. Thats sick to yoyo to.

Dubstep and Metalcore

skrillex, rusko, benga, deadmau5, BAASIK, five finger death punch, bullet for my valentine, Coheed & Cambria (Big Time), cookie monsta, doctor p, FLOBOTS(!!!), flux pavilion, fort minor, linkin park, KNIFE PARTY(:D), Korn, Paramore, skream. other stuff.

My song that for some reason puts in mickey speed: DEADMAU5 - One Trick Pony

ParagonX9 or something like that. Every time I hear his song Envy, I start having like having yoyo flash backs. It automatically makes me think of yoyoing. Also, his other song, Infinity, and another, Chaos Twilight or something…ones too repetitive, the others too unpredictable, so I maxed them and I think it turned out pretty well. Sometimes I like yoyoing to jazz…makes me work on smoothness… I’ll have to try yoyoing to a bossa or some songo

Rap and dubstep.

I yoyo mainly to Ratatat, there’s something about that band that makes their songs just perfect to learn tricks and yoyo to.

Hacker - Death Grips <<<< unreal