What do you listen to while you throw?

Lately I’ve been using a iPod dock/speaker thing to listen to music while I throw in the house. I love pandora for this. I spent the money to upgrade to pandora one thinking it would let me skip as many songs as I wanted. FAIL, only gets rid of ads. Anyways I’ve been listening to Coldplay, of monsters and men, and even some keane. I usually don’t listen to this type of music but it flows well with yoyoing in my opinion.


Go ahead and list you’re favorite
Song, artist, genre, etc that you enjoy listening to while you throw. Would love to expand my music :slight_smile:

Newsboys. Especially their new stuff.


What genre of music is that? Do you throw with headphones or do you use some type of speaker?

I’ve never used Pandora while throwing but listen to all kinds of music when I throw. More often than not some metal but I’ve thrown to everything from techno to Tom Petty before.

The bearing.

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Classical piano, or beats without lyrics.
Lots of pretty lights. My own stuff.

RelientK, Capital lights, Paramore, the downtown fiction, Toby mac.

Oh, and my friend’s (EDM) music.

Good stations IMO:
Austrian death machine
Limp bizkit
Daft punk
Flux pavilion
Dream theater

Hopefully I expanded you some :wink:

I usually listen to Dan Deacon or Animal Collective when I throw, but the past few months have been all about Seu Jorge’s soundtrack to “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”. Very relaxing and potent.

Imagine by John Lennon awesome to do slow tricks and for

Thanks to everyone for the input!

Gorillaz for sure.

If I’m throwing in my living room I usually listen to an alt rock or indie station on Sirius or whatever’s on TV.

If I’ve got headphones on, I like Buckethead. The lack of lyrics is really good for concentrating.

Talk radio, actually. Ron and Fez or O&A :slight_smile:

That terrible stuff called dubstep.


don’t start this.

Agreed, let’s not argue about music. I like rock mostly, but also I listen to dub step and rap when yoyoing, because it does go with it pretty well IMO.

Oh my god, Limp Bizket… I remember them.

I throw to good rap. Check out Dr. Octagon.

Lemaitre. With headphones. Amazing.