What do you listen to while you throw?

Lately - most anything by Áine Minogue. Relaxing and trance like.

  • The Mysts of Time
  • The Twilight Realm
  • Between The Worlds

Best comment by far :slight_smile:

When I’m yoyoing I feel calm and collected and in a zone that calls for chill music I do sometimes listen to electric/dubstep but not when I Yoyo. I’ve been to a Rusko show 2 times and I’m not even a raver or anything of the sort but some of my good friends are.

7.4 burrito.


G-Eazy. Ratatat, Nujabes, Gramatik. My favorite artists to yoyo to.

Usually I listen to Blink-182 but Four Year Strong is so fun to throw to!

Geographer, Discover, Matt Costa, Dr. Dog, Ra Ra Riot, Switchfoot, Passion Pit…

The list goes on.

I’m probably a very nerdy outlier… I often times listen to audio lectures from The Great Courses company.


Favorites included: World War 2, Historical Jesus, Great Battles of the Ancient World, Stress and Your Body, Dante’s Divind Comedy

Most of the time I listen to Eminem.

Dubstep: Skrillex, Krewella, and Toby Mac dub’d and freq’d

I believe this is probably the best throwing music: Downtempo Radio on Pandora.

Absolutely amazing for chilling the heck out and throwing.

Blink 182 is awesome!! They’re my favorite band!

Neato by three loco is amazing

You’ve got good taste.

Even though I’m a ways out from stringing together combos, when I listen to music I find myself imagining what tricks I would do during certain parts.

I actually perform John Cage’s 4’33’’ while i yoyo. I know- i have so much talent. :smiley:

(please someone get this)

Go ahead call me a nerd

Lord of the rings soundtrack. Especially the song helms deep

Frank Sinatra

Imagine Dragons.

Tally Hall.




Pssh, I can perform 4’33" in my sleep.


Black Veil Brides


Linkin Park

Upon This Dawning