do you listen to music when throwing?


so, do you listen to music when yoyoing? I myself love listening to my favorite tunes when throwing and it makes me throw better because i have a rhythm to follow. what about you :)?


Yes. Music is a great thing because it lets you express yourself without worrying what pthers think of you. You can listen almost anywhere and it can sort of calm you down, pump you up, or be like a good friend. I often have my ipod in my pocket and listen or at home I will plug my ipod in my Ihome, press the extra bass button, and have a god time.


yes, music helps my rhythm and inspiration, besides, I do anything while listening to music.


LOl Me too. I mean I shower with my ipod playing music,lol.



I get a little caught up with the music sometimes, and it throws me off

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Always. The two things go hand and hand for me. I very very rarely yoyo without music.


I vote for sometimes. Sometimes the computer is near by so I put some music on or somtimes I am outside and there is nothing to give me music. Most of the time it is with as long as the computer is near.


Ew no. It distacts me way tooo much. I like to throw in the shower. It helps me relax when my body temp is -1000000 degrees

Btw jk

I only do it sometimes with my computer or tablet


Most of the time I do and the only time I don’t is when I yoyo after school.


I have recently only because I have been practicing my two minute routine for Florida States. It isn’t that I wouldn’t like to always listen to music, it is more that I don’t have set times that I practice. It is more of oh a yoyo is on the counter, I have a couple of minutes, let me throw it. Haha. Sometimes, before one of my shows I’ll take it out of my pocket and throw a few minutes or depending on the gig, I might throw a minute or so while I am DJ’ing but it is more of a quick thing and not really to the music. Other times I am just learning new tricks so I am not really focused on music mostly just the sound of Andre’s voice over and over and over telling me how to do a trick haha. Maybe I could make an Andre video remix here when I get a few days off lol.

But, I’m sure once I get a bunch of tricks under my belt I’ll be doing it more to music. Until then it is more of just a quick here or there type of thing.


I was thinking of starting a thread like this! I don’t always plan when I’m going to throw – it just happens, and sometimes, like at work or out with the wife, it’s just not convenient to plug in the earbuds, but when I do throw to music, it’s always a better time 8)

What music I listen to is a matter of my mood… some of my favorites are the Grateful Dead/Slightly Stoopid/Expendables for that spacey, relaxed vibe, but Reel Big Fish/Less Than Jake/The Donnas are always good for blowing some steam and bustin’ a few speed combos ;D


50/50 but most times listen make moves in my head and do them in real life

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all the time.


Sweet! I like some down tempo chill lounge from time to time.

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in that case This is what I get to listen to all day at work! :slight_smile:


Nice. You don’t want to know what I listen to all day (music teacher) :joy:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

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HAhahahaaa! nice. Thats gotta be tough at first but worth it later.


I have an upbeat electronic/dance indie station on Pandora. So a lot of Alt J, Phoenix, MGMT, Fitz and the Tantrums, and etc. Great for finding some flow!


Vitamin String Quartet: Usually Radiohead covers.

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Always lol