Music you throw to.

First off before anyone throws a fit, I did use the search function and found nothing, So if this thread already exists, someone please direct me to it and lock the thread mods.

K. Now that’s out of the way, what music artists/ genre do you find yourself throwing to a lot? I’m having trouble developing a playlist and just would like to hear what other people like.

Thanks guys!

Honestly, just anything happy & upbeat or relaxed & soothing. Depends on the mood.
-a YouTube page “MajesticCasual” has a lot of cool chillstep sort of music that is fun to throw to
-stuff like Avicii, SHM, etc.
-Girl Talk is dope too

Hm. I Tend to throw to metal, metalcore/“Screamo”
But I do like some select dubstep and Korean Pop :slight_smile:

Sane Beats by Jakwob Fade,46282.0.html,40992.0.html

So passive aggressive.

Responding to the OP’s request is passive aggressive? Confused…

Oops, my apologies… Didn’t see he asked for direction. ::slight_smile:

You can probably tell from this I’m not a very fast yoyoer…

Linkin park and avicii are big ones, some other rock and pop rock in there too. Dubstep’s cool too

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Get on that indie folk train.

I throw to death meta! Especially technical death metal.

I throw mainly to Prog Rock/Metal these days.

. I dont throw to Macklemore or Bon Iver, but i like them.