Best songs for throwing?


What do you think? I really like anything by doom.


anything with a good beat.

(Owen) #3

Inspirational Songs do the trick.



Best pun I’ve ever seen.


there’s another thread for this, but I would say anything dub step or glitch hop. Especially koan sound.


Aloe Blacc’s album, “good things” really gooooooddd for throwing check it out


I really love throwing to any songs by Metallica- pre 1990s.


I won my school talent show with 300 violins and I just got asked to perform so I’m using Too Close by Alex Clare


Cliffs of Dover nuff said


Avicii is awesome for yoyoing


King Crimson and Rush, too.


Anything, but dubstep. I like RATATAT quite a bit.


Ratatat is amazing for throwing. and pretty much anything else.



Depends on your style.

Personally, I enjoy slower songs. I’m really enjoying throwing to Frontier Phsychatrist by The Avalanches. Or it’s fun for me to watch some of Guy Wright’s videos and throw to the song in his video while watching him throw. He’s a big inspiration to me.

(WildCat23) #16

YYZ is really fun to jam to.