What is your favorite music to throw to?

Simple question really, I’m just a huge music buff, and wanna talk a little music with everyone, when is am trying to learn new trucks I like to play sublime radio on pandora, it keeps me calm and relaxed when I’m missing hits and getting frustrated, but when I am getting down on a technical session I like to throw on some Electro , i.e. dub-step and trance, gotta love some good trance when your throwing. Infected Mushroom for example.

Really into old-school funk lately, (earth wind and fire, parliament, James brown etc.). Also really digging RAM by daft punk. Didn’t like their older stuff but nile rodgers guitar makes it.

I usually listen to pandora. My station is Arctic monkeys with a variety of The Beatles and Cake. I dont really care for the Arctic monkeys but I feel like I’m too young to hate all the music from my generation so I keep it on there to see if there is something new I’ll like.

I really like music from the 60’s like the Beatles and 90’s music like Cake and Nirvana.

Sango- del rocinha 2

Incredible album and you can download it from the site for free. (It’s a pay what you want download, I paid for mine,it’s that good)

Tuuuuuune. Just feels so right to throw to. The rest of his stuff is well worth checking out:


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Duns Broccoli. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTGhHgu13-upd0X48r_vkZQ/videos

I liked to throw I tend to lean towards ACDC or hip hop. Like money talks is a top one for me, and then like, spaghetti strapped by atmosphere or friend request but gym class heros.

Yeah atmosphere comes on a lot when I listen to dirty heads on pandora, have you ever heard of antix? You’d prob like him if you like atmosphere.
I hacked pandora so I get no ads and unlimited skips. So that’s mostly what I use for music. Makes it soooo much better

Bad brains, minor threat, and dead Kennedys top my list

Almost anything. Depends on how I want to throw.

More competition styled- Rap like Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Duns Broccoli, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (only "The Vs. EP though)

Relaxed- Mumford and Sons, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Jack White (Solo, Raconteurs, and White Stripes)

Strong and Deliberate- Rage Against The Machine, Motion City Soundtrack, Foo Fighters

Misc- Red Hot Chili Peppers, Robert Johnson, Son House, Joe Bonamassa.

My man, I’m a huge punk rock fan. Love DK. Bad Religion is prob my favorite band of all time tho. I’ve seen them 7 times

howd ya manage that hack? And Anix huh? I’ve heard his name a few times I want to listen to him. You know about k.flay?

Changing values with lucky patcher. But you can get a pre patched .apk from kickass.to torrent hosting. Just download and install

1st and 2nd attack on titan theme songs. Reluctant Heroes from Attack on Titans. :smiley:

good to know and yeah, attack on titan has sick music.