yoyo music!

i love the heavy metal bands such as Bullet For My Valentine, but i just love to throw to Beastie Boys, Intergalactic,

old school but awesome track for Yoing 8)

Eurobeat, Trance, Hardstyle, and whatever type of music Knife Party is. These types of music usually get my yoyo going faster than my normal speeds. Plus its really fun to yoyo to these styles. I always yoyo to a fast song that is usually more than 140 BPM. It just feels good to go that fast. For me, It’s the faster the better. ;D

Knife Party!!

Intergalactic is where it’s at

Jason Mraz, Patrick Stump, Alex Clare. You know the jazzy white guy music! :wink:

Cut chemist and some reggae

I like some stuff on Dubstep.net :stuck_out_tongue:

I like throwing to red hot chilli peppers because of flea their bassist he’s soo sick giving me a good beat for my tricks

Daft Punk, Glitch Mob, Avicci, and Switchfoot.


…Anyways, besides Switchfoot, I listen to lots of EDM. I specifically love Electro, electro-house, and dubstep. I also love drumstep.

Jamming to Ephixa, Pegboard Nerds, Tristam, Rogue, DotEXE, Stephen Walking, Noisestorm, Obsidia, OVERWERK, Televisor, Tut Tut Child, I am a Monstercat Fanboy.

…Zeldastep anyone?

If you like listening to dub step and use pandora try the station blunt instrument, it’s one of my favorites for a good throw session

Usually I don’t like dupstep and stuff like that but this is just awesome! Is is available on Itunes?

Other then that awesome Zeldastep, I really like Metallica and just most music other then country to yoyo to.

This is rumored to go with everything:


I almost feel bad now, because at one point, someone will prove that it doesn’t go with everything. Until that point, I will keep using it as my ringtone.

If I would win anything in the olympics, I would want this to be played while I walked onto the podium.

I’ll refer back to Avenger’s post a few weeks ago: Paragon X9 is great music for throwing to. :slight_smile:

Oddly enough I also love throwing to TSFH (trailer music)… :open_mouth:

yeah, TSFH is incredibly epic

Dubstep, rap.

My Yo-yoing Playlist:
Let it Go - Eddy B and Tim Gunter
Swagga - Datsik and Excision
Rameses B - Memoirs (Feint Remix)
Quartus Saul - Hagakure (Cyboreptics Remix)
MF Doom - Datura Stramonium
The M Machine - Promise me a Rose Garden
Lemaitre - Blue Shift
Muzzy - Riding the Storm
And of course;
Duns Brocoli - Brhockolli
I usually like chill or fast, upbeat music, but anything like that works.

I’m listening Dean Martin before making freestyle. it makes me calm and not too excited. =)

Ain’t That a Kick in The Head :slight_smile:

Dubstep def. helps, especially koan sound. all I listen to.

dubstep, rap, or metal… anything high energy usually improves my throwing exponentially.