Anyone know a cool song to yoyo to? I know this has probably been asked so many times but I couldn’t find anything lol. Thanks

I throw to Madeon, great techno music is perfect for yoyoing. Look up The City or Finale, both by him and great music.
It’s like low fat electro house. More music and less sound, you know?

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Also look at Duns Brocolli/Jensen Kimmitt. It is on his SoundCloud. He has some nice beats:P

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Red (especially let go)
P.O.D (especially murdered love or lost in forever)
Thousand Foot Krutch (There are so many good ones to throw too I’ll just say “especially any”)
Dubstep I guess

Mr. Scruff

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Lots of stuff by Purity Ring are nice to throw to. Also, try the band Geographer. Those two bands are probably my favorite to yoyo to, and to listen to all around.

My favorites are Intro by The XX and Goooo by TNGHT.

I like the song Oppenheimer by adam warrock

Love all the recommendations guys! Thanks a lot ;D